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Corroded marine exhaust muffler

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08/07/2015 06:43
The exhaust muffler on my Volvo Penta MD 2030 is badly corroded and can not be repaired. I have tried to order a new one but the item has been discontinued. The muffler had two stainless steel ends with a large rubber tube attaching them. I have been told that almost any muffler will do as long as the diameter of the hose attachments are the same(45mm in this case) I have looked at a Vetus 45mm exhaust muffler, it is made solely of plastic, and comes in at a good price of around 75.00 I would like to know if this will do the job, and will it stand the heat and pressure that it will be put through?
If anyone has one of these or had a similar issue I would be interested to hear from you.
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