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Coral Worm at Fleetwood Marina

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30/09/2013 15:22
I have heard some rumours about 'Coral Worm' at Fleetwood marina.Is this true, and what exactly is Coral Worm, and what harm can it do to your boat?
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30/09/2013 15:26
Hi Barnowl
We have also had this email from Jackie regarding this..It goes as follows::
'We were intending to bring our boat from Cumbria to Fleetwood this week. However, we have heard that the Marina is having a problem with
Coral Worm. Please can you advise if this is true will it cause a problem with visiting boats. I look forward to your prompt reply on this
worrying situation.'
We will contact Fleetwood marina and get a response to this.
Harbourguides Crew
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