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Cooking on a Boat

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03/12/2012 18:19
I'm not a live aboard but I spent 4 weeks on my uncles boat 'knight song' and some foods were really hard to cook just using the galley. Does anyone have any tips on what the best and easiest foods are to cook on a boat??
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03/12/2012 20:10
Hi Captains mate Chloe
When under sail cooking in a galley can be very difficult in rough conditions. Its a good idea to have plenty of tinned or packet meals that can be either put in a pan or oven. However when in really rough conditions the best bet is to grab safe snacks such as biscuits and malt loaf to reduce the risk of getting burnt on hot food etc. and when it becomes calm again treat yourself to nice slap up meal.
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06/12/2012 22:40
Hi Chloe
It is surprising what you can produce in such a small kitchen!! Mussels are a great dish - add a tin of coconut milk to sautéed ginger and chillies throw in the mussels, steam fir 10 mins and serve with fresh crusty bread. Only one large pan required to cook and serve in.
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07/12/2012 09:25
That sounds delicious Andrea!! Got any more simple to cook meals in the galley??
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13/12/2012 19:22
I am writing a cookbook.. Whilst talking to an old salty sea dog recently he told me his favourite comfort/quick dish is canned chicken a-la-king, I think it was made by Heinz, and it may still be available. He also talked about Dinty Moore beef stew, but I think they stopped producing that in the late 70's! With so many other convenience foods available now in other forms, what is your favourite comfort food that requires little or no prep? A young full time racing skipper talked about vacuum packed 'astronauts' food made with real meat? Just cut open and heat? Plus creates less rubbish and weight! He even said you can get a 'lamb shank' which has a shelf life of 18 months without refrigeration? Available at Booker?
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13/12/2012 19:57
Thanks Mike, and good luck with the cookbook.
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23/01/2013 08:11
Harbourguides have a list of on-board recipes on their site..http://www.harbourguides.com/harbour-guides-recipes.php
There are lots ov easy to cook meals here.
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09/02/2013 09:56
I have been using some of your recipes on your onboard recipes section http://www.harbourguides.com/harbour-guides-recipes.php
Slowly working my way through them..cheers
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11/02/2013 15:25
Vac pack machine is a great idea Mike, (around £50 these days). The choice of foods you can prepare are endless, curries, stews, soups, cassarole's, fish, muscles, pastas, rice and fresh veg............ granted a bit of prep before you leave port but it will make life very easy and will cut down on bulky storage.
Cooked vac packed food will also normally have a longer shelf life of around 12-14 days.
Top tip, get your hands on a preassure cooker. Perfect for re-heating your vac packed meals and no fear of hot water flying all over the place in high seas.
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17/02/2013 07:13
Yes we agree with BSA. Vac pac food is great for on a boat, especially when on a crossing.As BSA says all the prep can be done prior to the voyage..And as for the pressure cooker!!Great idea! The Harbourguides Crew will be purchasing one very shortly..Is there a particular make or model we should be looking for??
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