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C pod security system

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06/12/2012 22:32
Hi - I have been sent details on a plug and play security system for boats - has anyone got one and if so can you give me any feedback . Below is the link to the product
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07/12/2012 09:39
Hi Andrea. We saw these or something similar at one of the boat shows recently. We will be getting one sometime next year for the Harbourguides yacht and will post our review both here and on our news page. In the meantime anyone out there that has on of these systems we would be very interested in your feedback
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07/12/2012 13:12
Thanks for the quick resonse!! I look forward to the review and if anyone else has any information/feedback on this product please let me know.
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13/12/2012 15:54
Hi Andrea, there is another product I am aware of that is similar to the one you have mentioned. Its called 'Boat Warden' http://www.boatwarden.com
Its a boat security and alarm system with loads of extra uses. May be worth taking a look at..Good luck.
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