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Best Buy Cooker - Spinflo Nelson 2 Burner

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04/06/2013 23:39
After months of research, I finally took the plunge and bought a new cooker for our Albin Stratus. Normally I have very little input when buying anything for our boat - finally this was something that I was an expert on!!

Who would have thought that there would be so many models at such wide price ranges, starting from 300 up to over 2,000. There was very little information on the web on cooker reviews, eventually there was a 'Best Buy Review' in one of the yachting magazines and the Spinflo Nelson 2 Burner came out best for small boats.

Despite being small enough to fit into our small galley, it is big in quality. The grill easily toasts 2 large slices of Warburtons bread, the hob has enough space for 2 medium size pans, and the oven has great temperature control with no loss of heat One thing they did get wrong though was the oven size, it is big enough to roast a chicken - as we had a beautiful roasted one this weekend!!

Thank you Marine MegaStore for great sercive (delivered within 2 days), great price - under 450 (absolute bargain), for my 3 super sailors (Chris, Freddy and Mally for fitting it) and a massive thank you to Harbour Guides for bringing it out to Barcelona with you in the Harbour Guides van, i am sure i will make it up to you with my Full English and Saturday night suppers.................
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06/06/2013 07:48
Cheers Andea..We have already sampled some of your culinary delights cooked by your good self on the Spinflo Nelson 2 Burner, and they were as usual delicious..Hope to be sampling more this summer..
Harbourguides Crew
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