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Barcelona marinas

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07/04/2013 21:52
Hi All
We are planning on wintering our yacht in barcelona and are looking to choose between Forum, Olimpico and Badalona.
Any advice?
We wont be living aboard just visiting for short periods so want to be near airport and be able to visit Barcelona City.
We are concerned about security and noise
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09/04/2013 09:17
Hi Lisa
We keep our yacht at Port Olympic, we have no problems with security, as we are on a very secure pontoon. Some of the moorings are not as secure as this and as there is a lot of late night activity around this marina it does get noisy well into the early morning. A good friend of ours moored his boat at Port Forum for 12 months. He enjoyed it there but did find it pretty quiet, and has now moved to Olympic. Both of these marinas have easy access to the Airport and city via train/tube which are excellent in Barcelona and very cheep to use. I did visit Badelona when I was choosing a marina for our boat , and have to say I was impressed..The shower facilities are one of the best I have seen in a marina. I didnt choose this marina as It is a little bit further away from the city.
Hope this helps you decide, and please let us know how you get on.
The Harbourguides crew are in Barcelona quite a lot so if you want any further advice, or to meet up just let us know.
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11/04/2013 09:16
Thanks for the information which is helpful.
Have to say we are not too worried about it being quiet as long as there are restaurants and shops within a reasonable distance. We are now thinking of taking a 12 month contract so would be there summer 2014 as well.
Do you know if there is good transport links from Badelona into Barcelona?
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11/04/2013 12:09
Hi Lisa
The transport from Badelona to Barcelona is excellent.Both the tube and the train will take you into Barcelona.Get a T10 ticket they are great value for money and can be used on trams trains tubes etc.
If you like restaurants and bars nearby, Port Olympic takes some beating as there is an abundance of them. Its also very vibrant. You can only pay monthly at Port Olympic, so you can leave at any time.
Hope this helps
Harbourguides crew
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