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Anchoring in Pollensa

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25/02/2017 17:05
Im coming over to Mallorca for the summer season and want to anchor off in the Pollensa Bay. I have heard that there are also some mooring buoys there. Who owns them? and can anyone use them? Also how reliable are they? I am more than willing to buy new chain and rope for one, but dont want to do this if I am told to leave.
Also I have heard that the wind can really whip up here. If the rope and chain is good, will the buoys stand it. My boat weighs about 7 ton
Thanks, any feedback appreciated.
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27/02/2017 09:10
Any local help required then please get in touch, local liveaboard said for more than ten years in the area, call Joe on 671124194, or you may find my group of great value. Boating in Mallorca, with over 3,000 members at www.facebook.com/groups/220412378050869/
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14/01/2021 14:44
Hi d
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