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Albin Stratus Portlights

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27/04/2013 03:45
I own an albin Stratus 36 and want to replace the portlights or find parts for the original portlights. Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the original porlights or perhaps a company that is making the replacements
Thank you
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27/04/2013 07:47
Hi Captaindee 1
We have had a quick search and have got a few sites that you could have a look at if you haven't already, here are the links:

Hope this is of some help to you, and good luck.
By the way the Harbourguides crew love Albin Stratus yachts.
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24/06/2013 12:31
I own an Albin Stratus as well, and I have replaced port lights as well
So I have the old ones still here, but they are not in 'best condition' (one hing is broken etc)
I have got new ones in correct size from bsi in Denmark ('monnlight')
best regards
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27/06/2013 08:57
Thanks Trysunda..
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