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Albin Stratus owners

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31/01/2013 19:40
Hi I have recently bought an Albin Stratus 35 foot..i am not sure of the age and she needs a little bit of work, but seems an extremely well built and solid boat.I Dont know that much about her but so far so good, she sails great and the wife has also fallen in love with her.please can any other owners of this make give me some insight into the good and bad points.
Thank you.
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01/02/2013 20:23
Hi - we are the very proud owners of Dolphin - she is an albin Stratus - her home is now in Barcelona - we bought her over 8 years ago she had been on a hard standing in a uk marina for a number of years- we tidied her up and she left for Spain on the back of a wagon. She recently had a new teak deck installed which was so worth the investment. We adore her and so do all of our sailing friends as well as having many admirers amongst the sailing community. She sails well and has an extremely comfortable saloon area. We regularly have 4/6 for dinner. Despite being an old boat we would not swap her for anything!!
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01/02/2013 20:52
Hi Andrea..
Many of the Harbourguides Crew have had some fantastic meals aboard 'Dolphin'(cooked by your good self)..Most recently Christmas 2012. We have to agree the Albin Stratus is a fabulous boat. If you want both comfort and good safe sailing Dolphin takes some beating..Our mutual friends Shaun and Donna who own a Beneteau 57 often stay aboard Dolphin as they find it more comfortable than their own!!Enough said!!
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11/02/2013 08:58
I've had the pleaseure of visiting both these boats and can honestly say that Dolphin was super comfy and fantastic for entertaining on, a home from home.
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20/02/2013 00:36
Albin Stratus owners. I have heard that there is an Albin Stratus 35 in Fleetwood marina. If anyone knows the owner, or any other owners of this make of boat, please could you get them to contact me through this forum.
Thanks J
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24/02/2013 13:20
Hi Jerry, yes we were told there is an Albin Stratus in Fleetwood marina. Our base is close by to Fleetwood so will get one of the crew to check it out.
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02/03/2013 10:13
Dolphin had a galley refurb over the Christmas holidays, with a new worktop - what a transformation - thank you Chris and Martin - all we need now is a new oven! (I will keep dreaming)
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08/03/2013 16:28
We may have an oven for the competition prize some time this year Andrea!!If so it couldnt go to a more deserved winner!I know the Harbourguides Crew would be rooting for you..If not, we will keep dropping hints with Chris Depedeau Talbo.
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28/10/2013 08:46
Some months on ...

I'm considering purchase of a Stratus, which seems to meet my requirements of seaworthiness, reasonable space and modest cost. Do you have any tips on things of the boat that I should be particularly careful about?

I have a chum in Norway who sails a smaller Albin who reckons they are soundly built with no osmosis problems, but is a bit sniffy about the ones built under licence by Hyundai.

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28/10/2013 21:22
Hi Chris - we have had our Albin Stratus (35ft) for over 7 years now and would highly recommend them. She is permanently in the water, having been on a hard standing for a number of years prior to us buying her, and she is bone dry and we have no issues with damp in any of the cabins, clothed still smell fresh weeks later!
We do a lot of sailing in the med and she is superb in the water. We have also been on the same boat as ours based in Fleetwood Lancashire, the owner has sailed her both in UK and International waters, and I am sure they will agree with me that she is a solid boat.
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15/05/2014 14:19
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19/05/2014 22:17
Hi Jerry
My family have had an Albin Stratus for the last 14 years. She has been a great boat for us, taking care of us in the Noth Sea across to Holland and Belgium every year, quite often in tough weather conditions. My two kids learned to sail on her and she had a great rear cabin layout for them to play and sleep in when younger.
We have continually maintained and upgraded her. We have had no significant problems, the lagest maintenance task is looking after the teak decks and replacing the caulking. I had this done professionally when I first purchased her, it was not done so well and I ended up re-doing it myself a number of years later. This is fine to do if you have some time and most importantly good tools! We also had her dark blue topsides repainted in Awlgrip, she looked stunning after this.
We have just purchased a larger boat to go further afield but will be very sad to see ISIS sold. We hope a new owner will enjoy her as much as we have.
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