Tuesday December 8th, 2009
ImageGhostly carryings on are being investigated at the royal Findhorn Yacht Club in Moray. Barman, Ray Shepherd-Smith served two elderly gentlemen who appeared out of nowhere claiming to be life members coming for a last look around. When members examined CCTV there was no footage of anyone entering or leaving the club around 7pm on the night of their visit. It did however pick up the barman serving up two drinks then looking for his customers.
I was in the kitchen and didnt hear anyone come in but two elderly gentlemen in coats were standing at the bar when I came through.
I asked if they were members and they said they were life members. The smaller man asked for a rum and the other chap wanted a whisky with ice in it... They went towards the bar door as if they were going for a look round. I rang up their drinks on the till but when I went to check where they were, the rest of the place was in darkness.' Said Mr Shepherd-Smith of his phantom drinkers. I have come across ghostly goings on before while working behind a bar but this one tops the lot. The worst thing this time is that they left without paying.
Puts a new slant on the term frequenting an old haunt
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