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Nestled in an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Pwllheli is the unofficial capital of The Llyn Peninsula, in Northwest Wales. A favourite seaside getaway with two excellent Blue Flag beaches the busy market town is also a popular destination for members of the boating and sailing fraternities thanks to it’s sheltered position and excellent marine services.

Pwllheli’s impressive new marina is widely considered to be amongst the best in Wales. It boasts 24hour access and 400 births, including moorings for boats up to 80ft long and comprehensive boatyard facilities. The town centre has plenty of businesses and shops to cater for yachtsmen. The market is held on Wednesdays in Y Maes and is one of the busiest in Britain. There is also a wide choice of cafes, pubs and restaurants in which to enjoy tasty local or international cuisine and a glass or two of your favourite tipple.

Pwllheli is an excellent place from which to explore the surrounding coastline. The Llyn Peninsula is unlike anywhere else in Wales with usually better weather and truly wonderful landscapes of rolling countryside and volcanic peaks, the highest of which is Yr Eifi. With Snowdonia National Park only a short distance away it is no wonder that walkers and outdoor pursuits enthusiasts flock to the town in droves.

A town full of seaside character, Pwllheli is a bona fide jewel in Wales’ coastal crown. It has something for everyone and all of it given generously with charm, goodwill and the wrapped in very best of local hospitality.
Comments (42)
04/03/2023 @ 2:09 pm
There are no temporary moorings for boats who wish to stay for 2 weeks or so and Hafan Marina state there will only be permanent yearly moorings in the future.
So if you you wish to take a boating holiday, you will have to register your boat for a year with the council, then pay to launch your 24 foot cruiser everyday, recovering it also, with no where to place your trailer.
19/06/2017 @ 9:45 pm
We would like to visit Pwllheli by yacht our draft is 1mtr is it accessible 24hrs I am aware dredging is taking place this week - thank you
24/05/2017 @ 4:47 pm
Do you know the destination in Bermuda and the name of boat? And email addresses or Facebook pages etc. Please don't worry too much. As these trips often take longer than expected.
24/05/2017 @ 12:27 pm
Christine Liles
Hello I am Christine Liles,the mother of Lorraine Williams, who set sail from Pwllheli Harbour with Mr. Kirk Ward and his son Keith to go to Bermuda, we were told this trip would take 2 weeks, give or take a few days, it has been 3 weeks now since they left, and we are all getting a bit worried, as we haven't heard anything as yet, please can you tell us what we should do now and is there a way of making enquiries? Thank you Christine Liles.
09/07/2016 @ 8:11 pm
Ian Green
Dredging is occurring annually. Marina staff are the very best. When navigating take advice. There is a good channel but info needed. Firmhelm are very pleasant and well qualified boat people. Tony Evans engineer is a fellow who knows his stuff. JKA are exceptional sail makers.
This place is the gateway to some of the best sailing you will experience off the UK.
19/04/2015 @ 8:05 pm
spencer lynn
Ran a ground leaving the Marina 2hours before low tide on Saturday.Harbour Master towed us off.Could not get back in until 18.30 thankfully no problems first time out and with kids.Not what I was expecting.
10/03/2015 @ 10:30 am
Found Rowland Electronics on Harbourguides and they were fantastic in sorting my problems out, as I have only been sailing for a couple of months.
02/02/2014 @ 10:42 am
Found everything i needed for boat in Partington boatshop. Thanks
17/11/2013 @ 11:05 am
Local villager
Another good night in Y Castell, sorry i cannot help about the Marina problems, i just live here.
11/11/2013 @ 10:58 am
I must say that I'm astonished that anyone can say that there is no silting problem at Pwllheli - there definitely is.

I recognise Wil's comments around the original harbour design and, whilst valid and interesting background, I'm not sure how relevant this is to the current situation.

I remember Pwllheli from the early 90s and the 'trots', inner harbour, 'muddy hollow' and marina were all busy with anyone on a non-drying mooring enjoying the 24-7 access to wonderful sailing grounds - and the less committed sailors being able to pop out for a few hours, no matter the state of the tide.

Compare that to now - the marina is empting; the inner harbour is full of mud/silt; pile mooring have been removed because of silting and many of the remaining pile moorings dry out and access to bay is now limited to a tight window of time and increasingly treacherous.

The area is still wonderful and, despite the financial climate, there is still enough money out there to mean the marina and harbour could (and should) be full - all that has changed is the lack of 24-7 access which is the direct result of silting.

Whilst I recognise that the original design of the harbour channel was 0.6m CD, and it is now being 'maintained' to this standard, the evidence speaks for itself - the lack of 24-7 access is killing the harbour and marina and will hurt Pwllheli. Someone needs to bite the bullet and get the original dredger back to dredge the whole harbour to restore the condition from the early 90s; I'm certain both the marina and harbour will be full again soon after!
26/10/2013 @ 9:11 am
The crazy gang
Alcove means Tapas.
20/10/2013 @ 2:11 pm
Ray Daley
Could anyone please tell me if fishing is allowed around the marina and where to and what bait to use many thanks
29/09/2013 @ 8:54 am
Castell Inn has the comfiest beds in Wales, the mattress is about 2foot thick and their rates are incredible allowing you to stay longer for less.
10/08/2013 @ 8:07 am
Ronald West
Great Night at Angelinas last night, about 15 minutes in a taxi from marina.
03/08/2013 @ 10:46 am
Mick Bould
In response to Wil Williams post.
I couldnt agree more..the people that talk about about so-called silting problems at Pwllheli really dont know what they are on about, as there arent any silting problems.
Having said that, from a selfish point of view, if it puts people off, it doesnt bother me, I love the tranquility of sailing these waters and hope to do so for many more years.
02/08/2013 @ 12:18 pm
Harbourguides Crew
Thanks for explaining that Wil.
We will make a note of it in our news pages.
02/08/2013 @ 10:32 am
Wil Williams - Harbour Manager
The harbour channel was initially dredged in 1990/1 to a depth in excess of 2m at CD. The reason for this was due to the size of the dredger commisioned to carry out the dredging work it had to physically cut/dredge its way in. As a result we have enjoyed many years where vessels had 24hr access, but the harbour was never designed to this depth; the design depth for the harbour channel is .6m CD which is the depth we have today, and this was confirmed following a survey which was carried out last month (copy available). The harbour does silt up, as do most harbours, but it is being maintained to its original design depth of .6m CD. We have three tide gauges within the harbour and these tide gauges represent the actual depth in the channel. If 2m shows on the tide gauge then there is 2m in the channel. One of the tide gauges is located at the harbour entrance. Too often times we see people who do not check the tide gauge, or do not know the draft of their vessel and who consequently go aground, and you get other people who chance it on a falling tide! Pwllheli harbour is still one of the best harbours in the UK, free from commercial traffic and with access to the spectacular Cardigan Bay.
31/07/2013 @ 8:48 pm
Roger, Tiffany and the girls
Fantastic meal at Angelinas with service to match. We were made to feel extremely welcome even though the kids were a little noisy at times. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff.
10/07/2013 @ 7:37 am
Harbourguides Crew
Hi Al Mathew
I will ask this question on our forum, sometime today 10/7/13 and I am sure we will get an honest response. So keep your eye on our forum (Can be accesed at top of this page)
Thanks HG Crew
09/07/2013 @ 9:57 pm
al Matthew
Just been reading some of you comments on the silting problem pwthelli marina had in 2011. I'm thinking of using the marina but need to know if the access is 24 hour and the depth is now adequate for a vessel with 1.8 meter draft
07/07/2013 @ 7:37 pm
Will and friends
Another great night at Alcove, remember to get there early because once they are full you can stay all night and there is no pressure for your table.
23/06/2013 @ 1:42 pm
Janne on swedish yacht Xanadu
My boat is 13.5 x 2.55 meter and draught 2 meters, and I can't find any depth in Pwllheli harbour on my charts. Can you tell me if I can enter the harbour at any time and which pontones are good to berth, please?
21/06/2013 @ 8:26 am
Found your people Partington Marine very helpful and courteous ,not many of us left.
04/06/2013 @ 12:00 pm
Popped into Rowlands for some Bits and bobs, very helpful and informative.
Rowlands is the marine electronics shop in Marina .
15/04/2013 @ 11:56 am
Just returned hire car back to Hardy's garage brilliant,will use them again for sure.
17/03/2013 @ 7:03 pm
Try the Belly Pork at Alcove, is one of their tapas and is amazing .
26/01/2013 @ 11:39 am
Zoe Niblett
I work at Gimblet Rock Holiday Park in Pwllheli with the Harbour on the left and views over the sea to Harlech in front, a beautiful place to work. Come and join us for a drink or a bite to eat when the park opens again on the 1st March. The perfect place to watch the sailing.
26/01/2013 @ 11:19 am
Zoe Niblett
Great to meet you last night in Y Castell. 'Leaning Gravity' were fab.
Loved the yellow headphones. x
19/01/2013 @ 9:12 am
Great food at the Vic (Victoria Hotel) especially Sunday Lunch .
14/01/2013 @ 9:14 am
John Pritchard
Had my annual visit to Polash Indian restaurant yesterday,they now do an excellent 30 dish ALL YOU CAN EAT all day and is only a short stroll back to Marina to walk it off.
I have been sailing to Pwllheli for some years now,and always pop in the Polash Indian restaurant.
04/01/2013 @ 12:34 pm
Captain Bob
May have to have electrics looked at next month, any ideas for crew accommodation in vicinity ?
04/01/2013 @ 12:34 pm
Captain Bob
May have to have electrics looked at next month, any ideas for crew accommodation in vicinity ?
30/12/2012 @ 11:23 am
Rick and crew
You need more food places on this page,other than that everything ok.
30/12/2012 @ 11:23 am
Rick and crew
You need more food places on this page,other than that everything ok.
11/12/2011 @ 8:34 pm
Angela wright
Please can you put a pontoon over at the lifeboat side,for people that launch there own boats,and also organise parking facilities for cars and trailers.
01/11/2011 @ 3:57 pm
I'd like to move back to this marina since it's nearer home but i'm worried about the comments above. My boat draws 1 metre ,would this guarantee 24 hour access?
08/08/2011 @ 8:00 pm
In response to the many concerns we are receiving both by emails and our "comments" section,we aim to bring more awareness about this problem in the hope that there can be a solution to this problem....keep an eye out on our "Sailing News" section where there will be more info soon.
08/08/2011 @ 11:47 am
Kieran G
I have to agree with Sheilas comment about Pwllheli as i have encountered similar problems lately...can someone not get this sorted as people are going to avoid this area if it carries on, and in the economic climate we find ourselves in the marina and surrounding shops etc are all going to suffer!!!!
08/08/2011 @ 7:17 am
We recently stayed at Pwllheli marina - lovely marina and great staff - but access is a real real problem. While we were staying there for 1 week, several boats went aground in the channel (all floated off ok) - another boat was damaged trying to keep close to the pylons on the way in due to depth restrictions. Just not worth it - a real pity as the marina itself is great.
06/06/2011 @ 4:50 pm
I have been sailing from Pwllheli for over twenty years and the silting this year is the worst I have ever known. Draw 1.2m, Saturday's tide (04/06/11) predicted 1.2 lowest plus harbour chart claims 0.6 depth at CD. Tried to come in 1hr 30mins before low and grounded in the main channel.

Its a big issue with harbour users and the inevitable conclusion is that the council have taken the profits and utterly failed to re-invest in dredging or maintaining the other facilities. A crying shame as Pwllheli had provided the only all-tide harbour of refuge in a wonderful sailing area.
17/04/2011 @ 7:21 pm
Ian Green
I need some positive input regarding the silting as my boat draws 6'. The season is short and I need to use my boat whenever I need to.
I have been a user of the harbour for 50 years and as the press is alive with comment I need to know what is going to be done about the matter and when.
Please publish!
22/03/2011 @ 11:46 pm
Not 24 hour access any more. The Marina has silted up over the last few years, due to a lack of maintenance by the owners, Gwynedd Council.
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Business Reviews (16)
30/09/2023 @ 8:06 am
Partington Marine by Andrew Philips
Partington Marine
A good all round Yacht specialists with a good size boatyard and chandlery. The owner is akeen racer hence knows his stuff. Total confidence in letting them take on any work.
30/09/2023 @ 8:04 am
NOMI by Rachel & Colin
NOMI Pwllheli
Simply the best Indian cuisine for miles. The food is unlike any Indian restaurant we have visited in the past as Nomi have added a twist to a lot of the dishes and have improved them.
29/09/2023 @ 8:17 am
Caffi Porthor by Sarah Connolly
Caffi Porthor
As the photos show on the 360 tour button, the setting for Caffi Porthor is beautiful. More than a cafe as it sells lots of essentials for the beech.
29/09/2023 @ 8:15 am
Llŷn Angling by Colin Morrison
Llŷn Angling Pwllheli
Well stocked with good brand fishing tackle and they offer good sound advice.
28/09/2023 @ 8:13 am
Blue Water Marine by Paul Clutterbuck
Blue Water Marine
Good company to deal with. Very knowledgable and helpful staff.
19/09/2023 @ 9:36 am
NOMI by Laura Johnson
NOMI Pwllheli
This is a very high quality Indian restaurant that surpasses anything else in Pwllheli. delightful owners who will advise on what food to choose etc.
24/07/2023 @ 2:19 pm
Caffi Porthor by Sue & Baz
Caffi Porthor
Fantastic views and nice food. Its a lot more than a cafe, they sell all kinds of beech stuff, like snorkles, lilos, body boards etc. and their cakes are beautiful. Great place to spend the day.
24/07/2023 @ 2:15 pm
NOMI by Sandra & Toni
NOMI Pwllheli
Nomi is a newish restaurant in Pwllheli serving beautiful Indian cuisine. As most people, we do enjoy our Indian food, and Nomi did not dissapoint us.
28/03/2023 @ 10:37 am
Partington Marine by HG CREW
Partington Marine
Highly recommended by the Harbourguides Crew!
06/08/2018 @ 12:29 am
Llyn Marine Services Ltd by Peter Bridgwood
I took my Dell Quay Dory Eurosport 15 out of storage after 4 years, I rang around for advise with a couple of problems with my 2 stroke 90 Yamaha. I rang around 3 or 4 different marine workshops, and all of them said, “just drop it to us”. Keith was very helpful over the phone, putting my mind at ease, with no hard sell. After a run out at sea, it developed a couple more problems, so I booked it in with Keith. His team turned it round quickly and efficiently even with the short notice, and after a full service, I launched and ran it a gain. It still had a running problem. After a call to Llyn Marine, Keith asked me to drop it to him on a Sunday morning. His Tech, Pete went right through the engine and found a sticking fuelling problem, and then launched my in via the Pwllheli harbour slip. The boat was the best it’s ever been!!! Big thanks to Keith and Pete for sorting my craft out so my family and I can enjoy the holidays. First class.
14/04/2018 @ 10:15 am
Spice of Pwllheli by HG Crew
Great Indian restaurant
09/03/2015 @ 9:54 am
Y Bryncynan by Sue and Mick
We were on our way from Liverpool to visit friends in the Marina, and thought we had seen this place a few months ago on site, so we decided to give it a go.
Good homestyle cooking, excellent.
12/01/2015 @ 7:53 am
Spice of Pwllheli by Lorraine and friends
Had the best time here over xmas here whilst visiting friends who have moved their boat down here from Scotland.
22/06/2014 @ 7:51 am
Partington Marine by Simon
Best boat bit place in Wales.
27/01/2013 @ 6:14 pm
Y Bryncynan by Paul H.G.CREW
Ventured out here last week and gave the lamb shank a go, well worth it and decided to go back next night for the gammon.
Both were great and staff were great.
17/01/2013 @ 10:15 am
The Boatshed Sailmakers by Hans
Had some sail repairs done,and cleaned.Good job.

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Plas Glyn y Weddw has a long association with art as it was purpose built to house the widow's own art collection. With its magnificent Jacobean staircase, hammer beam roof and 10 airy gallery spaces, it rightly bears the name Gallery in the Vale of the Widow.


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We are only a mile away from the market town of Pwllheli and a fifteen-minute drive from the bustling seaside resort of Abersoch.

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We are the main area dealer for sales, servicing and warranty for Suzuki, Mercury, Mariner and Tohatsu outboards and Mercruiser, Yanmar and Doosan inboard engines.
Harbour Marine is also the the original RIB sales hub in Pwllheli, and have a selection of GRAND RIBs and brokerage RIBs in stock.

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Y Bryncynan
Welcome to our pub and restaurant for Abersoch & Pwllheli. Enjoy the snack shack in our dog-friendly beer garden, our children’s play area and family-friendly menus. Your fur friends are always welcome here but please remember, we operate a 1 dog per table policy!

Address: Y Bryncynan, Morfa Nefyn, Pwllheli, LL53 6AA

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Caffi Porthor

Address: Caffi Porthor, Aberdaron, Pwllheli, LL53 8LH

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Llyn Marine Services is dedicated to making your enjoyment of the sea as safe as possible. Managing Director Keith Thomas was a fleet engineer for the RNLI for many years, and was in charge of maintenance on many of the area's lifeboats. As a result, he knows just how important safety at sea is, and insists that all work we do be carried out to the very highest standards, and that all genuine parts and accessories are fitted.

Address: Llyn Marine Services Ltd, Pwllheli Marine Centre, Pwllheli, LL535YQ

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We are authorized dealers for Crownline Boats for North Wales and the North West of England. Full details of the range of boats can be obtained in our showroom at Pwllheli. We also offer a brokerage service.

Address: West Coast Marine, 1-2/Marina Workshops, Pwllheli, LL53 5YW

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We are open from 9:30am-6pm, 7 days a week.
All outdoor activities close at 5pm throughout the Winter period.
Food and drink available to sit in or take away.
Please ensure you pre-book your activities using our online booking system (On our website) before you visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The Lleyn Peninsula is renowned for its varied pattern of winds, moderate tidal and sea conditions, and the spectacular scenery of the Snowdonian mountains as a backdrop. This rugged coastline has been designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. View a 360° tour

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We are approved service dealers for all of the leading brands including Raymarine, Furuno, ICOM, Garmin, B&G and Simrad. We have over 35 years of experience of electrical installations in both sailing and power craft, covering the full spectrum of marine electrical and electronic solutions from the simplest of systems to the more extensive and complicated blue water cruising kit, such as satellite systems, heating, air-con and water-making equipment.

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Bars & Inns, Entertainment, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
Venu is a atmospheric bar , restaurant and sports bar located on the harbour side in Pwllheli on The Lynn Peninsular in North Wales.
Venu provides a stylish place for the local community and the tourism industry to chill and have fun.
Drink , Eat, watch sports and even hold an event.
You can even dance the night away and check in from some live band and DJ’s.
The outside Secret Garden and the restaurant are opened up to the beautiful harbour and the Venu’s wonderful views. It is the place to be on the Llyn Peninsular.

Address: Venu, Station Square, Pwllheli, LL53 5HG

Phone: 01758 613214 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (3)Partington Marine
Antifouling, Boat Builders & Repairs, Boat Sales-Yacht, Boat Storage, Boat Valeting, Boatyard, Chandlery, Grp Repairs/Maintenance, Honda Marine, Inflatable Boats, Insurance Repairs, Liferafts & Lifejackets, Marine Clothing, Marine Fabrications, Marine Installations, Marine Joinery, Marine Painting, Marine Plumbing, Marine Safety Equipment, Masts & Rigging, Osmosis Treatments, RIB Repairs, Rigging Specialists, Seagul, Shipwrights, Vetus, Watersports Equipment, Welding, Wooden Boat Specialists, Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers
Partington Marine
Partington Marine is unique in our area of Wales. Yacht specialists since 1958, our family business has been building, sailing, servicing, storing and selling boats in Pwllheli for over forty years. See the most beautiful classic carvel sloop in the bay, we restored it. See the high performance H22 sports boat, we built it. Our loyal staff have massive accumulated experience whatever your boating needs

View a 360° tour

Address: The Harbour, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5AY

Phone: 01758 612808 Fax: 01758 612333 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Plas Bodegroes
Accommodation, Private Functions, Wifi
This lovely country house stands in its own secluded grounds (under a mile from the beach!) on the wild Llŷn Peninsula, near Abersoch in north west Wales. We offer some of the most chic boutique accommodation in Wales, just five miles from Abersoch, while Snowdonia, Caernarfon castle and Portmeirion are all within 20 miles. The Llŷn Peninsula is one of Britain's first designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With mile upon mile of open sandy beach, glorious gulf stream light, tranquil seclusion and the Wales coastal path edging the whole peninsula, this is a wonderful, unspoilt region well worth a visit

Address: Plas Bodegroes, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5TH

Phone: 01758 612363 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Llyn Cycle Centre
Bike Sales/Hire
Llyn Cycle Centre

Address: 4 Ala ROAd, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5BU

Phone: 01758 612414 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The Lion Hotel
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Restaurants
The Lion Hotel
The Lion Hotel is the most central of all Criccieth’s accommodations, based on The Green in the heart of Criccieth. The beautiful unspoilt seaside town of Criccieth provides the perfect base for exploring the Llyn Peninsula and the Snowdonia National Park, both areas of outstanding natural beauty. Unwind, leaving the car behind to discover all the magic that Criccieth and its landmark castle offer.

Address: Y Maes, Criccieth, Gwynedd, LL52 0AA

Phone: 01766 522460 - Email - Website - Map
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
The Vaynol has always been and remains at the heart of village life in Abersoch. This seaside pub offers something for everyone with a superbly stocked bar, an extensive menu offering locally produced & cooked dishes, a tasty pizza menu, and a traditional ice cream parlour.
We are both child and dog friendly and remain the perfect holiday watering hole for families.
We are now serving food throughout the pub and outside patios, but not the beer garden.

Address: The Vaynol, Abersoch, Nr. Pwllheli, LL53 7AP

Phone: 01758 712 776 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)PLAS GLYN-Y-WEDDW
Accommodation, Private Functions, Restaurants
lThis Grade II listed building, built in 1856/57 for Lady Elizabeth Love Jones-Parry of the Madryn Estate, is a prime example of a Victorian Gothic mansion and is situated on the southern coast of the Llyn Peninsula.
Plas Glyn y Weddw has a long association with art as it was purpose built to house the widow's own art collection. With its magnificent Jacobean staircase, hammer beam roof and 10 airy gallery spaces, it rightly bears the name Gallery in the Vale of the Widow.


Phone: 01758 740 763 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)TOTAL BOAT SALES
Boat Sales-Power
Total Boat Sales is a Pwllheli (near Abersoch) based boat centre on the beautiful LLyn Peninsula in North Wales specialising in new and pre-owned Ribs, Sports Boats and Day Fishing Boats with an unrivalled, hassle free, brokerage service. We are authorised dealers for BRIG RIBs, IRON Boats, Selva Marine, Fliteboard efoils & SBS Trailers. We are also approved dealers and fully-trained service agents for Suzuki Outboard Engines. At Total Boat Sales you can buy with confidence due to our unrivalled customer service and support. We are always happy to offer free advice on buying, using and maintaining your boat. We understand how important it is to you to have your boat out on the water in full working order when you want it to be so you can enjoy your leisure time.

Address: Total Boat Sales, Outer Harbour, Pwllheli, LL53 5AY

Phone: 01758437600 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Spice of Pwllheli
Indian Restaurant, Restaurants
Spice of Pwllheli
We are situated 2 minutes from train station and 10 minutes from Marina. The food we prepare is Bangladeshi style, but most requests can be catered for. The restaurant is fully air conditioned and is perfect for corporate events as it can seat up to 70 people. We are open 7 days a week 5.00-11.00 Deliveries can be catered for on orders over 50 pounds( to Pwllheli area including Marina. EAT WELL, EAT FRESH, EAT POLASH !

Address: Spice of Pwllheli, 28 Penlan Street, Pwllheli,Gwynedd, LL53 5DE

Phone: 01758613884 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Stanway's Taxis
Welcome to the Stanways Taxis website, where you can find all your requirements for private travel in the Pwllheli area.
We have been providing a Taxi service both local and long distance for over 49 years, providing polite, courteous drivers, in clean, reliable and appropriately sized vehicles for whatever your journey requires, and always at competitive rates.
Whether you are just popping to the local shops, or heading to the airport on holiday, you can be sure we will get you to your destination with plenty of time to spare, and deliver you in safety and comfort.

Address: Stanway's Taxis, Arley House, 24 W End Parade, Pwllheli, LL535PN

Phone: 07788 788044 - Email - Website - Map
Accommodation, Bars & Inns
Renowned for its good food, comfortable atmosphere, polite service and friendly welcome, the Crown Hotel is situated on Pwllheli's Stryd Fawr (High Street). The hotel is under the personal supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones and is open throughout the year.

Address: Crown Hotel, 37-39 High Street, Pwllheli, LL53 5RT

Phone: 01758 228198 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Hardy's Garage
Car Hire
Next to Marina, we have a range of small and medium cars and transit vans available for a short or long period of hire . At Hardy's we can provide all your motoring needs from servicing to valeting . SALES-SERVICE-SPARES-RECOVERY Ask for CLAIR or SIMON

Address: Hardy's Garage, Glanydon Industrial estate, Pwllheli,Gwynedd, LL53 5YT

Phone: 01758 612121 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Woodlands Hall Hotel
Ideal Hotel accommodation in North Wales for couples, families, golfing parties, walkers, and small groups. The Woodlands Hall Hotel is in a secluded position in Edern on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula. Set in seven acres of tree-scattered grounds, it is an ideal spot to unwind.
We are near to popular seaside villages and towns Morfa Nefyn, Nefyn and short drives to Abersoch, Aberdaron, Pwllheli. We are perfectly located to explore the beautiful beaches of the Penisula and the world-famous pub on the beach Ty Coch. View a 360° tour

Address: Woodlands Hall Hotel, Lon Pwll Clai, Edern, Pwllheli, LL53 6JB

Phone: 01758 720425 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Victoria Hotel
Accommodation, Wifi
The hotel is 1 minute from an award winning beach,and 10 minutes from shops and Marina. We are open all year round and all rooms are en-suite with tea and coffee facilities+televisions with freeview .

Address: victoria Hotel, Embankment Road, Pwllheli, LL53 5AA

Phone: 01758612834 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Hendre Caravan Park
Boat Storage, Dry Berthing, Launderette
Hendre Caravan Park
Secure on site boat park and storage facilities. Launching facilities are only 3 miles away.
CCTV is in operation and free wifi is available.

Address: Hendre Caravan Park, Efailnewydd, Pwllheli, LL53 8TN

Phone: 01758 719883 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07570 873 980 - Map
Bars & Inns

Address: Y Castell Bar, 89 High Street, Pwllheli, LL53 5RR

Phone: 01758 613090 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Tu Hwnt I'r Afon
Bars & Inns, Catering, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
Tafarn Tu Hwnt Ir Afon Inn or Twnti Pub (pronounced Tunti) as it is known locally is situated in the rural village of Rhydyclafdy. We're located in an idyllic setting in the hills between Nefyn and Abersoch on The Lleyn Peninsular.
A real warm and friendly traditional Welsh pub with slate floors and open fires (in the winter months) and a great selection of cask beers - a little hidden gem of a pub. Renowned for the quality of its food specialising in locally sourced ingredients which is served in one of 2 restaurant rooms, one of which is dog friendly. During the summer you can sit outside on our patio and enjoy the mountain range views with a relaxing drink.

Address: Tu Hwnt I'r Afon, Rhyd-y-clafdy, Pwllheli, LL53 7YH

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Entertainment, Theatre
The theater and cinema is closed until mid-April due to essential maintenance work that will protect the building. The café bar on the ground floor and the library will remain open throughout the work period and the programme of activities is set to continue.

Address: Nevadd Dwyfor, Penlan Street, Pwllheli, LL53 5DE

Phone: 01758 704088 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (1)The Boatshed Sailmakers
Marine Rigging, Riggers, Rigging Specialists
At The Boatshed Sailmakers we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in marine textiles. We truly are the Number 1 choice for marine textiles in the North West!
Our dedicated team of skilled craftsman always create outstanding products and take pride in every product we create.
As most of our clients know, we established ourselves in Y Felinheli. As of 2018 the acquisition of JKA sailmakers in Pwllheli means we have now moved the whole operation to the bigger site in Pwllheli. The team is out working on site daily around North Wales so picking up and dropping off is part of our daily work.
With the acquisition of JKA sailmakers in 2018 we now have a combined workforce that has over 150 years of experience in the industry.

Address: The Boatshed Sailmakers, Marinaland, Pwllheli, LL53 5AY

Phone: 01248 679939 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Snowdon Mountain Railway
Entertainment, Visitor Attractions
Ride on Britain's highest rack railway. Since 1896 visitors from around the world have travelled on Snowdon Mountain Railway. Today everyone , regardless of age or fitness can savour the breathtaking views and claim this mountain as one of their lifetime achievements.

Address: Snowdon Mountain Railway, Llanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4TY

Phone: 01286 870223 - Email - Website - Map
Fishing Tackle
Llŷn Angling
If you are new to angling, or just want to give it a try, come and visit at the tackle shop in Pwllheli and we will make sure that you get the most out of your experience. We are confident that once you have tried it, you will be hooked and want to return to the Llŷn Peninsula again and again.
We also provide a rod repair service and can replace damaged rod rings for you. Tip rigs can normally be replaced in just a few minutes and you can be out fishing again. Other rings will take a bit longer. Bring your damaged rod into the shop and we will discuss the options that suit you and get you back out using your fishing rod as soon as possible.

Address: Llŷn Angling, 24 Penlan Street, Pwllheli, LL53 5DE

Phone: +44 1758 613291 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Y Castell Bar and Accommodation
The Castell is situated on the square in the centre of the historic town of Caernarfon. Enjoy the views of the renowned Castle which was built by Edward the 1st in 1283 whilst having a coffee or a light lunch.

Address: Y Castell Bar and Accommodation, 89 High Street, Pwllheli, LL53 5RR

Phone: 01286 678895 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Firmhelm Limited
Antifouling, Battery Chargers, Boat Builders & Repairs, Boat Covers, Boat Cushions, Boat Storage, Boat Valeting, Boatyard, Books & Charts, Chandlery, Dry Berthing, Drysuits, Fishing Tackle, Grp Repairs/Maintenance, Inflatable Boats, Insurance Repairs, Liferafts & Lifejackets, Marine Clothing, Marine Electronic Equipment, Marine Electronics, Marine Fabrications, Marine Joinery, Marine Painting, Masts & Rigging, Osmosis Treatments, Retail Outlets, Rigging Specialists, Shipwrights, Vetus, Watersports Equipment, Welding, Wetsuits, Wooden Boat Specialists
Firmhelm Limited
Firmhelm Limited is a family run business that commenced trading in 1977 and is now established as the leading repair and servicing yard in North Wales.
Firmhelm operates from two sites namely the original site at the Outer Harbour where facilities include 3,000 square feet of undercover workshop space together with full boatyard facilities and secure storage.
At our Pwllheli Marine Centre site at Hafan Pwllheli Marina, the facilities also include a further 3,000 sq foot undercover workshop and full boatyard facilities, together with a large two-storey retail department holding stocks of the leading names in chandlery and marine leisurewear.
Firmhelm Ltd are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Address: Firmhelm, Pwllheli Boatyard, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5AY

Phone: 01758 612251 - Email - Website - Map
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