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Coastguard 01255 675518
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Dentist 01634 840303
Doctor 01634 845898
Harbourmaster 01795 561234
Hospital 01634 830000
Police 01634 827055
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Medway Little Theatre 01634 400322
Marinecall 09068 500457
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Business Reviews (18)
16/02/2024 @ 10:28 pm
Port Werburgh by Don't go there!!!
Honestly please do not move to this marina, its absolutely a disgusting and vile place to set your home in. Will say ,, could be a very lovely environment but unfortunately the owners are very unprofessional, they make the rules up as they go along, they charge unjustified fines that I believe would not stand up in a court of law, they are dispeciable people and should be ashamed of themselves as to the way they run this marina, I feel not only sorry for myself but for any new
comers that haven't a clue what they are letting themselves in for. People I've spoken to have tried to sell their boat and have had to deal with premier houseboats ( by the way this is the only way you can sell your boat , you cannot sell it privately as they will not allow it, and will put every obstacle in the way so this will be your only option which is to sell through this company PREMIER HOUSEBOATS WHICH THE SWANS RECEIVE A VERY HIGH COMMISSION FROM AS THEY ARE IN KAHOOTS WITH ONE ANOTHER) the guy that owns this premier houseboat is not above board and every single step of the sale you'll find will be very under hand. Please take my advise do not ENTER OR BUY A BOAT FROM THIS PLACE If you value your sanity, and your peaceful, happy life!!!!
02/01/2024 @ 2:25 pm
Port Werburgh by Lee
all reviews aside, the Swann family have given me leeway during my health issues,Iíve been unable to clear my arrears, until now. the speeding rules are verbally explained before anything is agreed,they have always been straight with me, and the rules apply to everyone, I know many happy owners, all with a high opinion of the Swann family.
09/07/2023 @ 8:57 pm
Port Werburgh by Justme
This is yet another dig at the original residents that live here. Please stop the harassment that keeps being thrown at us because IT'S NOT OK.
27/06/2023 @ 12:02 am
Port Werburgh by the Londoners
the swann family have been kind and good to us due to ill health cant comment on any other reviews
26/06/2023 @ 11:48 pm
Port Werburgh by the Londoners
to be fair the swann family have treated us fairly since we have been here and helped us due to ill health we are grateful for that some things may not be ideal for all people thats life the way things are u may wish to look at some of the residents rather than the owners
12/03/2021 @ 5:05 pm
Port Werburgh by I am out of there
this is the worst place to live the owners are so controlling its there way or no way!!!!! SO UNPROFFESSIONAL they charge you £15 for ringing you , your mail goes missing the pontoons are unsafe and dangerous many have fell and broke bones but if you complain you get evicted look on premier houseboats how many houseboats are for sale? sold at a high percentage by a company they also own WIN win forth all ways
Cruella and co are the nastiest people ever
16/03/2020 @ 9:48 pm
Port Werburgh by Wonderboat
Well Chris, insulting people says more about you than the views you have, I am glad you are happy living under those conditions, most wouldn't, but you are in the vast minority, and it is surprising given your strong views yet you are happy to live in a place that inflicts illegal fines for trivial matters, let alone the also illegal electric charges , good day 😊
19/01/2020 @ 10:20 pm
Port Werburgh by Chris
Well reading your rants, I have a boat there and no I'm not related or a friend. First you all come across as jealous , If you were a real boat person as opposed to some economic migrant from the housing market, you would had found out that this marina is rare in as much as it is legal to live on your boat as opposed to hundreds of uk boatyards that say of course you can live on board unofficially , dodge the council etc . You ought to be grateful you were allowed in.
If you have the gumption to run such a place, Bet you'd buy a car and see your Brats ok for their toys Good you've left , you probably would have dragged the Marina down to your level by now . I hope the Swans don't get pissed off cause my boat is worth more on this Marina while they run a tight ship! They are curt sometimes but so would I be dealing with such
Cretins sadly amongst us Good luck Swans and thanks for your past considerations ....Grateful customer..!
30/07/2019 @ 1:38 pm
Port Werburgh by Freda
It is a shame that Sunken Captain and his crew feel this way! I also do not normally write on reviews, however, I have lived here for over 10 years and I am extremely happy. I used to live in a marina where there were no rules, the electric would go off regularly and speeding was an everyday occurrence (you took your life in your hands walking down the yard)! There are over four hundred people living in this environment and the management needs to be strong as there are people that do take the mickey.
And to Paul, what is the problem with being billed every 4 weeks! I went to the office and asked how many people get charged £10.00 a month for the amenity block. They said that it is only 10 people out of 200 live aboard boats and is for people that do not have their own facilities on their live aboard. The amenity block is meant for non-live aboard boats, live a boards put massive wear and tear on those facilities and that the amount that they pay for their moorings does not cover that cost.
I also asked about the parcels and they said that they used to take parcels but now with so much online shopping being delivered the office was receiving over 50 parcels a day, which they have a legal responsibility for, but also took up most of the office floor. So, now the couriers are sent direct to their boats, this works well for me.
10/07/2019 @ 9:13 am
Port Werburgh by Sunken Captain
It's very sad that what could be such a lovely place to be is spoiled by the owners, dictators is a shallow term for them, and now with the new park homes, under the same sledge hammer rules, well I feel sorry for them, how this illegal front of a business is allowed to carry on escapes me, I have never in my life met such arrogant and uncaring people who's money grabbing antics alienate everyone, the saddest part is they don't give a damn.
The people that have posted here have not made it up, it's that bad if not worse, talk to people there, don't go and then find out!.
24/02/2019 @ 6:26 pm
Port Werburgh by Paul
Can not believe this place. Never been treated like it before anywhere else. You are billed every 4 weeks. Charged 10 pounds a month for showers. Amenities block?? Joke !! Washing machines not worked for over a year. Owners are greedy spiteful manipulating and they do everything to make money out of you but none of this is told to you until your boat is there !
Hope you dont need emergency services especially after they leave office. Takes a while for them to be able to get in. They will not even accept a small parcel for you. They turn it away.
Electric is double the price it should be and they dont give you a proper receipt for it. Someone mentioned jill swann as cruella. So true ! As for her husband he is a rude arrogant pig. Left here a while back and advise dont stay here.
04/02/2019 @ 5:06 pm
Port Werburgh by Captain Flint
I entirely agree with the above review, except that it can be even worse. They have threatened a resident to try to stop her daughter claiming damageds when she fell through the pontoon and broke her ankle so badly it needed to be pinned.You have been warned.
08/12/2018 @ 12:32 am
Port Werburgh by R Smith
Would have given a minus rating if there was an option)Its hell hole!!! Do not step into this marina- I have never met such evil before!!!! I don't usually bother writing reviews but this is worth a read and will save you so much grief: Its run by a man called Denis Swann, his wife Jill Swann and their 20 something son (I bet you, no one will give them a job if this business is shut down).They have lately developed expensive hobbies which are fulfilled at your expense.I have worked with some rich clients and you can easily tell the difference - these guys have not seen wealth in their life before!!!
Here are some highlights 1)For electrics they charge you £0.30 p/kw (ILLEGAL!!), local rate for that area is £0.16p/kw 2) if you get delivery or post , its sent back (depends on the owners wife's mood - someone please get rid of this woman!!!) 3) they will call you for silly reason such as speeding (you can't really speed in a boat yard- common sense) and charge you £15 for it. 4)The water rates in the county are set by the council, but these guys add their own rates (again illegal) and if you question any charges you are given 4 weeks to leave! none of the stupid fantasy rules were told to me until I got here (inspite of clearly asking via email before arriving). Based on the past reviews, i thought it was a great marina but i can assure you they are all false and posted by one of their own guys. Not a single person in the marina speaks well about them. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE BITCHES GO DOWN!!
23/07/2018 @ 4:38 pm
Wanted to put my boat into Gillingham marina. Phoned 4 times and was ignored. My new mooring is at MDL. Good service
01/06/2018 @ 3:29 pm
Port Werburgh by Downtrodden
All the above is true if not worse, real tyrants and ruin what could be a lovely place, the days for them are numbered
08/09/2014 @ 2:30 am
Port Werburgh by escape
Have to agree totally with the above, its all money, money, money for them, place is run down and boats are too close together, but again the more boats the more income for them, they dont give a toss for the residents, you know those poor people that actually pay their outrageous demands so that they can live in their ivory tower, lets hope there is such a thing as Karma!!!
21/01/2014 @ 7:57 pm
Port Werburgh by Santa Claus
I totally agree I kept my boat in Hoo before it was bought by the swans nice marina until they bought it all the atmosphere is taken out of the place now you saying something to cruella swan your out on your ear they are total control freaks who one day will pick on the wrong person
27/03/2012 @ 9:42 am
Port Werburgh by All Residents
Don't bother! Marina is run like a concentration camp, with rules added and changed at the drop of a hat. Also one rule for the owners and another for the residents. You only have to look at how much electricity their main light on top of their boats takes to the usage each boat is allowed to see there is some kind of fiddle going on. Keep away, find somewhere else to live, somewhere you will be treated like a person and not like something they've trodden in!

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