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Tonight - Partly Cloudy
Minimum: 4C, Wind Direction: Northerly
Wind: Good 13mph, Pressure: 1014mb, Sunset: 20:43 BST
Tuesday - Light Rain Showers
Maximum: 8C, Minimum: 4C
Wind: 18mph North Westerly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:10 BST, Sunset: 20:45 BST
Wednesday - Light Cloud
Maximum: 8C, Minimum: 5C
Wind: 9mph North Westerly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:07 BST, Sunset: 20:47 BST
Tue 16 AprHigh Tide01:313.59m
Tue 16 AprLow Tide07:522.14m
Tue 16 AprHigh Tide14:293.28m
Tue 16 AprLow Tide19:542.48m
Wed 17 AprHigh Tide02:593.56m
Wed 17 AprLow Tide09:432.08m
Wed 17 AprHigh Tide15:523.34m
Wed 17 AprLow Tide21:492.4m
Thu 18 AprHigh Tide04:133.69m
Thu 18 AprLow Tide10:491.85m
Thu 18 AprHigh Tide16:553.55m
Thu 18 AprLow Tide22:552.14m
Fri 19 AprHigh Tide05:063.9m
Fri 19 AprLow Tide11:351.61m
Fri 19 AprHigh Tide17:373.8m
Fri 19 AprLow Tide23:391.85m
Sat 20 AprHigh Tide05:454.12m
Sat 20 AprLow Tide12:111.37m
Sat 20 AprHigh Tide18:104.07m
Sat 20 AprLow Tide00:161.59m
Sun 21 AprHigh Tide06:164.32m
Sun 21 AprLow Tide12:451.17m
Sun 21 AprHigh Tide18:394.3m
Sun 21 AprLow Tide00:491.36m
Mon 22 AprHigh Tide06:454.49m
Mon 22 AprLow Tide13:141.02m
Mon 22 AprHigh Tide19:064.5m
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Details & Reviews (0)Isle of Harris Marina
Harris Development Limited is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in 1994.
We own and operate the £1.35m Harris Marina Hub which is expected to bring significant economic benefits to the area through the development of marine tourism.
Our two sets of pontoons are in East Loch Tarbert, one at Tarbert adjacent to the distillery and the other at Scalpay’s North Harbour just in front of the Bistro.

Address: Isle of Harris Marina, Tarbert Community Centre, Tarbert, Isle of Harris, HS33DJ

Phone: 01859 502216 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07973 840 445 - Map
Bike Sales/Hire, Boat Hire, Electric Bikes
Bike Hebrides
Bike and Kayak Hire.
From an afternoon exploring the ancient Callanish stones to an exciting trail ride through the Harris hills, being on a bike is a great way of enjoying the islands. We now have a small fleet of sit-top Kayaks, so once you're done playing on terrafirma why not take to the seas to explore our magnificent coastline, who knows what you might find.

Address: Bike Hebrides, 6 Sand Strand Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS12UE

Phone: 07775 943355 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Scalpay Marina
Scalpay facilities comprise a 24m access bridge to 120m of pontoon with an ‘elbow’ at the first 40m.
The pontoon sections are 10m each and numbered. The visitor berthing areas are marked ‘visitor’ and are numbered 47-50 (south) and 27-30 (north) These are suitable for vessels with a draft up to 2.5m at the lowest Spring low water.
Pontoon sections numbered 43 – 46 (south) and 31 – 32 (north) are not suitable for vessels with a draft over 1.5m due to spring tide depth restrictions but can accommodate vessels to a draft up to 2.5 m at neap tides.
Pontoon sections 39 to 42 (South) and 35-38 (North) are available for local boat users.
Additional visitor berths come available subject to local boat use and at Neap tides. Please contact us.

Address: Scalpay Marina, Scalpay, Outer Hebrides

Phone: 01859 502 216 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07973 840 445 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Flavour Restaurant
Catering, Private Functions, Fish Specialist, Restaurants, Wifi, Yacht Hampers
Flavour Restaurant
Flavour is a concept that my partner and I designed whilst traveling around the world. It began relaxing on the beaches of Australia and continued while sipping tea in the tea fields of India, drinking fresh coconuts in Thailand and watching sunsets in Colombia. Flavour combines a love of food from countries all over the world. We spent the last 4 years on the road travelling to more than 30 countries dreaming of living permanently by the beach. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe that we would be lucky enough to find our perfect settling place in our home country of Scotland. However, we stumbled across the breath-taking Isle of Harris. We instantly decided to set up home here and the idea of Flavour was born.

Address: Flavour Restaurant, 6 Pairc Niseaboist, Horgabost, Isle of Harris, HS33AE

Phone: 07388 366361 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Alex Dans Cycle Centre
Bike Sales/Hire
Weather you are looking to hire a bike and explore the Isle of Lewis or just want a puncture repaired, this is the place to come. At Alex Dan’s Cycle Centre we have a fully kitted out workshop with fast turn around times, and stock the vast majority of common components that can fail so no waiting around for deliveries, get your bike repair in Stornoway.
Looking for a new bike? With new bike stock from Merida, Diamondback and Raleigh, we cover all bases and all bikes come ready built and we offer a free first tune up service which is usually required after the first six weeks of use.
You can find everything you need for your bike at Alex Dan’s Cycle Centre, we stock a vast range of accessories from pedals to helmets and everything in between, pop down and take a look, Alex Dan’s Cycle Centre, Stornoway.

Address: Alex Dans Cycle Centre, 67 Kenneth Street, Isle of Lewis, HS1 2DS

Phone: 01851 704025 - Website - Map
Bike Sales/Hire, Entertainment, Something Special
The Hebridean Way Road Cycle Trip The Hebridean Way is a 185 miles road cycle trip through the islands of the Outer Hebrides.
You can do this amazing road trip starting on Barra in Vatersay on the most southern point, cycling to the endpoint at northwesterly point in the Butt of Lewis. You will be covering 10 islands, 6 causeways and 2 ferry crossings.
We offer bike transfer service for own bikes and hired bikes starting at £9.50, we have an One Way Bike Hire Package for £37.50, as well as self-guided trips starting at £65 per person per day.

Address: HebShuttle, Outer Hebrides, Isle of Benbecula, Outer Hebrides HS7 5LA

Phone: 01851 706911 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07796 525 343 - Map
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