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Weather & Tides
Tonight - Light Rain Showers
Minimum: 9C, Wind Direction: Northerly
Wind: Moderate 6mph, Pressure: 1013mb, Sunset: 20:51 BST
Sunday - Sunny Intervals
Maximum: 21C, Minimum: 8C
Wind: 8mph North Easterly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 05:08 BST, Sunset: 20:52 BST
Monday - Sunny
Maximum: 21C, Minimum: 8C
Wind: 12mph North Easterly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 05:06 BST, Sunset: 20:54 BST
Sat 18 MayLow Tide01:531.91m
Sat 18 MayHigh Tide08:403.66m
Sat 18 MayLow Tide14:121.74m
Sat 18 MayHigh Tide21:213.98m
Sun 19 MayLow Tide02:481.74m
Sun 19 MayHigh Tide09:453.85m
Sun 19 MayLow Tide15:031.61m
Sun 19 MayHigh Tide22:114.16m
Mon 20 MayLow Tide03:351.55m
Mon 20 MayHigh Tide10:304.05m
Mon 20 MayLow Tide15:471.49m
Mon 20 MayHigh Tide22:504.32m
Tue 21 MayLow Tide04:131.39m
Tue 21 MayHigh Tide11:094.21m
Tue 21 MayLow Tide16:241.4m
Tue 21 MayHigh Tide23:254.42m
Wed 22 MayLow Tide04:461.27m
Wed 22 MayHigh Tide11:454.32m
Wed 22 MayLow Tide16:551.35m
Wed 22 MayHigh Tide23:584.47m
Thu 23 MayLow Tide05:161.19m
Thu 23 MayHigh Tide12:224.39m
Thu 23 MayLow Tide17:271.31m
Thu 23 MayHigh Tide00:324.49m
Fri 24 MayLow Tide05:471.12m
Fri 24 MayHigh Tide12:594.42m
Fri 24 MayLow Tide18:011.29m
This tidal data is for Chichester Harbour Entrance
Situated on the River Lavant on the South Downs the Roman City of Chichester is one of the area’s most popular tourist destinations. The wealth of historic sites in and around the City make it ideal for short breaks or long stays. Either way visitors will never run short of things to see and do. With twenty-seven miles of navigable water within the surrounding countryside it is a virtual paradise for the yachting and boating fraternity. As you would imagine the marinas are world class with facilities that cover practically every need you may have, from shower blocks to laundrette, clubhouse to restaurant not to mention 24hr marine services. It is no wonder one of the marinas has earned Five Gold Anchors - the Yacht Harbour Association's most coveted award.

The town itself is a fascinating, vibrant hub packed with exciting shops, friendly cafes, fine restaurants and cosy pubs. The attractions are almost overwhelming; with historic buildings everywhere you look. Chichester also prides itself on the quality of its entertainment with music being top of the list. From classical to rock you’ll find every kind of music, with the calendar highlight being Chichester’s famous jazz festival.

The surrounding countryside is idyllic with abundant heritage sites and parklands to explore. Outward-bound types will have a proverbial field day whilst naturalists and ornithologists will leave feeling qualified to write an entire book on their chosen hobbies. Whatever your interest or age Chichester has something to offer you. It is no wonder so many visitors return time and time again.
Comments (29)
17/06/2018 @ 8:36 pm
Dawn & Dereck Hook
Coming over in August. Just had a quick look through the guide, really looking forward to it
07/03/2018 @ 12:02 pm
Sarah & Bill Forsythe
Got a lot of enjoyment and knowledge using this guide. Very helpful and free! What a pleasant surprise.
30/05/2017 @ 7:17 pm
Steve Mallinson
We are currently updating the Chichester Harbour Guide.New Services and businesses will be added over the next few weeks.
17/06/2016 @ 10:32 pm
Barry Turner (from Lytham)
Come on guys, when are you updating the Chichester harbour guide?
10/06/2016 @ 1:12 pm
Ship of Fools
Ate at the Crab and Lobster, all I can say is FANTASTIC!! Highly recommended
11/10/2014 @ 9:21 am
Harbourguides Crew
The well-known and loved Chichester based company Opal Marine has sadly gone into liquidation.
Loss of revenue due to being undercut by outside contractors was blamed for the company’s failure.
Another sad loss of a long established marine business.
19/09/2013 @ 1:01 pm
Tony and Guy one of the friendliest salons i have been in for a long tíme.
Good haircut also.
13/08/2013 @ 8:45 am
The Jones's
Millstream Hotel is amazing, and in a nice quite Village.
10/08/2013 @ 10:29 pm
Bill and Susan
Crouchers Restaurant walking distance from Chichester Marina, good food and excellent rooms if needing stopover.
31/07/2013 @ 8:15 am
Juan(just visiting)
Faboulos time at Choirizo.
14/07/2013 @ 10:36 am
Needed a car for a week whilst boat was being seen to, found Blakes Garage ( car hire ) on site very good.
25/06/2013 @ 8:37 am
Carol Barnsley
Had a good night out at Marco's last night .
16/02/2013 @ 12:51 pm
Richard R
Semi retired from managerial positions, looking for part time job, very fit and active ! Fully flexible. Any suggestions ?
16/02/2013 @ 8:31 am
Took your advice Susan & Partner,had the Belly Pork at Marwicks last night.
It was perfect in size and taste,and as you can see they are in the guide.Thanks
13/02/2013 @ 9:58 am
Can anyone suggest a good masseuse for weary muscles around this area?
07/02/2013 @ 12:22 pm
Susan & Partner
Had a lovely meal at Marwicks (MILLSTREAM HOTEL)last night,would be worth you checking it out for your site.
24/01/2013 @ 11:20 pm
Hanson family
We too are seriously considering moving our boat (Contessa) to Chichester this year. Although the low costs are only a minor factor,they are another one of the plus points. We chartered a yacht here last summer (2012) as our boat was berthed in Palma. We did miss the sunshine, but the sailing in Chichester is far superior. We will be making the long journey back in early June..The Meds not all its cracked out to be.
24/01/2013 @ 8:48 am
Gaz Horning
Just noticed Bens post on this comment section. We (my family) visited Chichester for the first time last year also, and we too are looking for a berth for our Beneteau 36. We think this area is probably the best value for money sailing in the UK. Ok it dries out...So what.. there are so many destinations nearby, we cant wait to get there, and are in the process of planning our Summer holiday now.
PS, We will obviously using your guide.
23/01/2013 @ 10:14 am
Was down visiting friends last week and they suggested staying at The Chichester Park Hotel, due to the fact their boat was in storage for the winter.
Anyway, all i can say is great facilities and location just outside of town.
Ideal for exploring the area and they also have a pool which was handy for New
Years resolutions not going astray due to the weather.
The friends in question use your site on a regular basis, so they trusted your judgement .Well done.
23/01/2013 @ 9:10 am
Lez and Sarah
Just discovered your site as we are relocating our boat to Chichester this summer..I see you have Spencers restaurant on here..We ate here a few years ago and it was fantastic..will be going again when we return.
20/01/2013 @ 4:22 pm
Baz and Tracy
Got a sprayhood from C& J Marine..Top class thanks!
17/01/2013 @ 9:49 am
Thomas (FR)
Just had lunch at El Castizo yesterday,amazing and reasonably priced .
Merci Beaucoup.
20/12/2012 @ 6:45 pm
Chichester local
Hello Ben, great choice, this really is a great cruising area. I have sent emails to Harbourguides and they reckon that they will be "updating our guide to Chichester early in 2013" I hope they do as they are very useful!!WHEN U COMING GUYS??
16/12/2012 @ 9:04 am
Ben (Helenerben)
First time to Chichester, and loved it. Fantastic cruising area. Looking for a permanent berth here now.
09/12/2012 @ 12:27 am
HG Crew
Hi Greg and Crew..We cant wait to get back to Chichester to update our guide.. We have had so many emails requesting a more up to date guide and are trying our best to get here as soon as possible..see you very soon.
06/12/2012 @ 11:25 pm
Greg and crew
We sail around these waters quite often and always have a look on Harbourguides for information, however you have not been to Chichester for some time and this guide needs updating!! When are you coming??
02/10/2012 @ 10:25 am
Doug and Beryl
Been looking for a new location for our boat, and have just discovered this site.Never realised just how many marinas there are in Chichester and all the marine services too. We have now made the decision to relocate here. Will keep you informed.
27/04/2012 @ 9:15 am
Harbourguides Crew
We have just been informed(25-4/2012) that a fishing vessel 11Metre in length is sunk at the approach to Langstone Harbour. The position is Approx 0.6 miles South South West of the Langstone Fairway pile 50° 45’.816 North, 001° 01’.758 West.
The Harbour Master has advised mariners to take caution when navigating in this area.
For further information visit
29/10/2011 @ 10:32 am
I love west wittering :D
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Business Reviews (18)
09/03/2024 @ 9:08 am
Chichester Marina by Stephen Thorpe
I visited this area to take in the scenery and walk along the Ship Canal. Whilst the two hours free parking was much appreciated I found the payment system (any time over two hours has to be paid for) quite stressful - no cash taken at the entrance/exit barriers, I was issued with a ticket by the machine but the barrier didn't lift (I had to press the 'help' button), I did not know how to scan the QR code correctly. All the time traffic was building up behind me. I watched other people attempting to enter and exit the site experiencing similar problems - at one point 10 cars were queuing to leave the site, unable to do so because someone was having difficulties 'navigating' the payment system at the exit barriers. Bring back cash payments - so much simpler surely and far less stressful! But thank you again for the free two hours parking - that much was appreciated.
04/02/2024 @ 8:30 am
Millstream Hotel & Sea School Restaurant by Shelly & Kelly
Millstream Hotel & Restaurants
Lovely hotel, self catering cottage and restaurant. We stayed in the self catering with our dog. Everything was perfect and we had such a relaxing time eating superb food from the restaurant at the hotel. Its certainly somewhere we will re-visit.
04/02/2024 @ 8:13 am
Cutler Marine Engineering by Neil
Cutler Marine Engineering
Great company to do business. They do what they say they're going to do and on time. A breath of fresh air in the marine industry.
03/02/2024 @ 10:04 am
Luckes Superfood Cafe by Shaz & Kelly
Luckes Superfood Cafe
A really good find. We called in a few times during the day for lunch and it was very enjoyable. The staff are friendly and the place is spotless. It has a nice vibe to it. We kept meaning to go in the evening, but sadly didn't get round to it, but it is on our to visit list when we return.
03/02/2024 @ 9:53 am
Dom Italian Bar and Restaurant by Sarah & Brad Singleton
We loved this restaurant during last Summer. We are back again early June and will be looking forward to some great nights and food.
28/07/2021 @ 1:54 pm
Thornham Marina by Claire Smith
Beautiful, traditional, small marina. Competitive marina fees. We are lucky enough to have our sailing boat stored at Thornham Marina. Facilities are good and staff very helpful. It's a great place to just sit on your boat and admire the views. Also fantastic walking directly from the marina.
27/06/2018 @ 4:35 am
Billys on the Beach by Nige& Helen(
This is a really cool bar. When you are looking for something that little bit different, try it here. We all loved it and will be coming back for more.
20/06/2018 @ 8:34 am
Holman Rigging by Sarah & Bill Forsythe
Very reputable riggers. Always do a great job!
07/03/2018 @ 11:10 am
Millstream Hotel & Sea School Restaurant by Sarah & Bill Forsythe
Our in-laws stayed here last Summer when we had our boat at the marina. They asked us to put this comment on and say thank you to Tom and his staff for looking after them.
We ate at the restaurant here and was one of our favourites on our trip. Lovely setting and very tranquil. Great to get away from the marina.
07/03/2018 @ 11:06 am
Luckes Superfood Cafe by Helen & Nige (Roring Meg)
Well if your into nice tasty food that is extremely healthy, this is deffinitely the place for you. We ate hear quite a lot on our visit to Chichester in the Summer and will be eating hear again this season.
Its nice to eat food and feel good afterwards.
Great place 10 out of 10
07/03/2018 @ 11:02 am
Cutler Marine Engineering by Sarah and Brad Singleton
We received great service from this company. Friendly knowledgeable and good rates.
Can definitely recommend.
07/03/2018 @ 10:55 am
The Restaurant at Millstream by Sarah & Bill Forsythe
Beautiful restaurant and hotel. Loved the food, really looking to the sailing season this year and some nice meals again here.
07/03/2018 @ 10:52 am
Billys on the Beach by Sarah and Brad Singleton
Looking forward to the summer season again and getting back to Billys.
Really enjoyed it last year
See you soon
10/06/2016 @ 1:10 pm
The Crab & Lobster by Ship of Fools
Love this place. the service and food are second to non. Also great location
02/02/2015 @ 9:19 am
Holman Rigging by A S
I had a major issue with my Moody and I have to say the level of service offered was exceptional. All of the team were only too happy to help and sorted the issues with minimal fuss. I would happily recommend the service to anyone I know.
01/09/2014 @ 8:49 am
Chichester Marina by Anne Onymous
Lovely looking marina in a beautiful setting with excellent facilities.

However. It does take an hour and a half to get to the Solent and there is a lock; we knew this and that was not the problem ... but queuing for literally HOURS to actually get out of the lock WAS a problem. Add to this the shallow channel which needs dredging (making tide restrictions even greater), extensive public parking in bertholders spaces and the fact that we have now had coralworm TWICE in two seasons (resulting in expensive lift-outs and cleaning) ... we decided that the disadvantages far outweighed the advantages and we have now moved.

Such a shame, as the setting and facilities were perfect :(
22/06/2014 @ 7:34 am
The Crab & Lobster by Lucy,Gemma, and Ron
Great place, and close enough to stagger back to Marina as we did after a memorable night.
31/07/2013 @ 11:07 am
Sail Style by Tasha Hull
Fantastic service.
Worked to the deadlines I wanted and not once said it couldn't be done.
Very happy with the work carried out.

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Premier Cars
Premier Cars Chichester is your local private hire taxi service.
Whether you require a full corporate facility, airport transfers, leisure and nightclub runs, or a quick trip into town, our professional taxi service can help you.
We recognise that all of our clients have individual requirements and we regard every booking as a priority journey, regardless of duration. All of our vehicles are kept spotlessly clean inside and out and our drivers are always well presented, polite and helpful. We are committed to providing a professional and superior customer service at competitive prices. Punctuality is a pre-requisite of our taxi business and we are completely honest where availability is concerned. If we cannot meet your requirements at any time – we will tell you so.

Address: Premier Cars Chichester, Chichester, West Sussex

Phone: 01243 779366 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Charlie Harper's
Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper's can offer you or your group so much more than what you normally expect from a Cafe and Brasserie, we can offer you WIFI services, Private Dining and Private functions, at very reasonable prices

Address: 5 Eastgate Square, East Street, Chichester, PO19 1ED

Phone: 01243 783223 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Holman Rigging
Marine Rigging, Masts & Rigging, Rigging Specialists
Holman Rigging
Holman Rigging are a specialist Mast and Rigging Service for Hampshire and West Sussex and are agents for the major suppliers in this field.
Established in 1991 at Dell Quay we have steadily grown the business, currently employing 3 full time riggers working out of Chichester Marina.

Address: Chichester Marina, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7EJ

Phone: 01243 514000 - Email - Website - Map
New Museum built over the Roman Bath house remains . 500,000 years of local history. Admission charges apply .

Address: The Novium, Tower Street, Chichester, PO19 1QH

Phone: 01243 775888 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The Boat House
Bars & Inns, Cafes, Restaurants
The Boat House
Set in the idyllic setting of Chichester Marina and boasting unbeatable views of the harbour. We’re open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Offering a selection from sandwiches and snacks to lunch time classics and a fantastic evening bistro menu with daily changing specials. - See more at:

Address: The Boat House, Chichester Marina, Chichester, PO20 7EJ

Phone: 01243 513203 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (1)The Restaurant at Millstream
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
The Restaurant at Millstream
The Millstream's fine dining restaurant has been awarded two AA Rosettes. It is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner; you can be assured of a delicious meal served in beautiful surroundings by well trained friendly staff. Also on site is Marwick's Brasserie, which offers a more informal dining experience and is open all day from 10am for morning coffees and snacks, light and late lunches and dinner.

Address: The Millstream Hotel and Restaurants, Bosham Lane, Bosham, Chichester, PO18 8HL

Phone: 01243 573234 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)C & B Marine Ltd
Marine Fabrications, Welding
C & B Marine Ltd
For more than 30 years C & B Marine Ltd has been one of the leading marine fabrication engineering companies in the Portsmouth area. Today its skilled personnel undertake a wide range of engineering operations including machining, welding and fabrication. The company has a vast experience in the field of marine fabrication in stainless steel and aluminium combined with the very latest technological resources creating an impressive capability.

Address: Chichester Marina, Birdham, Chichister, PO20 7EJ

Phone: 01243 511273 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07889 030 940 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Southern Angling Specialists
Fishing, Fishing Tackle
Southern Angling Specialists
Suppliers of fishing tackle & quality bait for Coarse, Game & Sea Fishing. Friendly, local advice freely given. Flotation suits & other clothing available.
We stock everything you need for course or sea fishing. Lots of starter kits, as well big name outfits. Quality bait, fresh and frozen.

Address: Southern Angling Specialists, 2 Stockbridge Road, Chichester, PO19 8SJ

Phone: 01243 531669 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Harbour Chandlers
Antifouling, Battery Chargers, Chandlery, Grp Repairs/Maintenance, Marine Batteries , Marine Electricians, Marine Electronic Equipment, Marine Electronics, Marine Engineers, Marine Fabrications, Marine Installations, Insurance Repairs, Marine Painting, Marine Plumbing, Osmosis Treatments
Harbour Chandlers
All your chandlery needs met in one place. Harbour Chandlers carry a full stock of chandlery products and provide a boat maintenance and repair service.
We can service or repair your boat for you.
We can provide you with what you need to do it yourself.
Based at Emsworth Yacht Harbour on the wonderful Chichester Harbour, Harbour Chandlers is the kind of place that you will want to come back to time and time again. We stock products from most of the big names in chandlery and can provide you with everything from Adhesive to Anchors, Boat hooks to Binoculars, Compasses to Cordage, Deck Shoes to Depth Sounders…. well you get the point.

Address: Harbour Chandlers Ltd, Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Thorney Road, Emsworth, PO10 8BW

Phone: 01243 375500 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Luckes Superfood Cafe
Cafes, Catering, Chemist, Delicatessen, Food Delivery, Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Something Special, Takeaway Food, Wifi, Yacht Hampers
Luckes Superfood Cafe
Forget faddy diets and supermarket convenience food.
But who has the time to spend hours shopping and cooking these days? Not many of us. So we are here to do it for you.
We take fresh, ingredients (organic were possible), and turn them into delicious handmade breakfasts and lunches.
You can eat well with us every day of the week!

Address: Luckes Superfood Cafe & Supplements, 69 North Street, Chichester, PO19 1LP

Phone: 01243 528596 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Number One Northgate
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
Number One Northgate
No.1 Northgate is a restaurant, bar and terrace located on North Street, Chichester. A converted bank, No.1 Northgate is an iconic Chichester building, close to the Chichester Festival Theatre and within walking distance of the main city centre.
We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.
For those with pure food indulgence in mind, join us at No.1 Northgate and satisfy your desires with our internationally and seasonally inspired À La Carte menu. We love local excellent quality food.Open 7 days a week 9.00am – 11.00pm

Address: No.1 Northgate, 1 Northgate House, West Sussex, PO19 1AR

Phone: 01243 774 204 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Golden Arrow Marine
Marine Engineers, Volvo Penta
Golden Arrow Marine
Golden Arrow Marine has four sites from West to East spanning the Solent region – Poole, Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester

Address: Golden Arrow Marine, Unit A1-A2 Chichester Marina, Birdham, Chichester, PO20 7EJ

Phone: 01243 512313 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Emsworth Yacht Harbour
Boat Moorings, Marinas
Emsworth Yacht Harbour (EYH) is a family owned business located at the northern end of beautiful Chichester Harbour and within a short walk of Emsworth town.
Our friendly team is available to help you with your berthing and boat storage needs and we offer a range of facilities.
We aim to provide good value for money but don't take our word for it - please drop in and one of the Harbour Team will be happy to show you around. We have a number of wonderful tenants on site, including The Deck cafe, shipwrights, engine repair and a chandlers.

Address: Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Thorney Road, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 8BP

Phone: 01243 377 727 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Luckes Wellbeing Clinic
Health & Beauty, Something Special
Natural First Aid. Clinical Massage. Chiropractic Treatments. Nutrition Advice. Acupuncture. Reflexology. Herbal Medicine. Hypnotherapy. Counselling. Psychotherapy. Homeopathy. Indian Head Massage. Reflexology.

Address: Luckes Wellbeing Clinic, 69 North Street., Chichester, PO19 1LP

Phone: 01243 528596 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Chichester Park Hotel
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Private Functions
Chichester Park Hotel
Each of the 77 bedrooms at Chichester Park Hotel has an en-suite bathroom, colour satellite TV with pay per view movie channels, hairdryer, trouser press, direct dial telephone (with Internet connection via dialup) and broadband wifi access as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Four Poster Bedrooms, a Suite, and rooms adapted for wheelchair users are available.
The hotel also offers fine bars and restaurants and the superb facilities of the leisure club including indoor swimming pool, spa bath and sauna.

Address: Madgwick Lane, Westhampnett, Chichester, PO19 7QL

Phone: 01243 817400 Fax: 01243 782371 - Email - Website - Map
Marine Electricians, Marine Electronic Equipment, Marine Electronics
ACM Marine
ACM Marine specialises in marine electrical engineering. With experience ranging from Tarquin Motor yachts, southerly yachts and Hugo Boss, ACM is a trusted name in the industry.

Address: ACM Marine, Emsworth Yacht Harbour Ltdthorney Road, Emsworth near Chichester, PO10 8BP

Phone: 07921764251 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Millstream Hotel & Sea School Restaurant
Accommodation, Restaurants, Something Special, Wifi
Millstream Hotel & Sea School Restaurant
Bosham is a quintessentially beautiful and historic coastal village in Chichester Harbour, West Sussex, with its own charming quayside that is just a five-minute walk from the hotel.
The Millstream is a 3 Silver Star traditional British retreat set within its own attractive gardens. The property offers 31 bedrooms, the 2 Rosette Sea School Restaurant and Marwick’s Brasserie. We are a family owned hotel and pride ourselves on delicious food, friendly staff and delightful bedrooms.

Address: Millstream Hotel, Bosham Lane, Bosham, Chichester, PO18 8HL

Phone: 01243 573234 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Chichester Park Hotel
Chichester Park Hotel
Enjoy a visit to the Chichester Park Hotel restaurant which serves modern bistro food in stylish, contemporary surroundings. A wide choice of food dishes from nibbles to sandwiches, hot dishes to desserts.
The perfect setting for relaxing at the end of the day, enjoy a drink in our friendly bar which is full of atmosphere and lots of fun.

Address: Madgwick Lane, Westhampnett, Chichester, PO19 7QL

Phone: 01243 817400 Fax: 01243 782371 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The Brookfield Hotel
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
The Brookfield Hotel
The Brookfield Hotel is a family owned country house hotel, set in its own landscaped gardens, near the coastal village of Emsworth with extensive complimentary car-parking. Established in 1972, the hotel has long had an enviable reputation for high quality personal service and has been Highly Commended in the large hotel section of the national tourism awards.
Situated between Portsmouth and Chichester, in a location famed for its natural beauty and fascinating history, The Brookfield Hotel makes an ideal base from which to explore the area during your short break.
Emsworth, with its range of village shops, is only a short walk away where you can relax with a quiet drink in one of our traditional inns or just savour the village atmosphere with its historic buildings and views over the millpond. For the more energetic there are walks along the waterside, and the shores of Chichester Harbour are only a five-minute country walk from the hotel.

Address: The Brookfield Hotel & Hermitage Restaurant, 93 Havant Road, Emsworth near Chichester, PO10 7LF

Phone: 01243 373363 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The Ship Hotel
The Ship Hotel

The Ship Hotel offers 36 en-suite rooms each equipped with Colour TV, telephone, tea & coffee making facilities. Computer connection is available if required. 21 of the rooms have been refurbished in a contemporary style whilst the remainder have retained their Georgian elegance.
Children and dogs are welcome. Family rooms are available with a children's menu and baby listening service. There is lift access to most rooms.

Address: North Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1NH

Phone: +44 (0) 1243 778000 Fax: +44 (0) 1243 788000 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)C & J Marine Textiles
Boat Covers, Boat Cushions, Sailmakers/Repair, Marine Upholstery
C & J Marine Textiles
We are conveniently located on the West Sussex and Hampshire border and close to many of the marinas and harbours on England's South Coast. We offer, as part of our service, the option of an on board consultation. We can meet you on board your vessel to survey your requirements and discuss them in detail.

Address: Clay Lane, Fishbourne, Chichester, PO19 3JG

Phone: 01243 785485 Fax: 01243 785487 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Southern Yacht Electrics Ltd
Marine Electricians
Experienced marine electrician

Address: 5, TREETOPS, BOGNOR ROAD, Chichester, PO20 1EH

Phone: +447577529482 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Marwicks Brasserie Restaurant
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
Marwicks Brasserie Restaurant
Welcome to Marwick’s
Bosham’s brasserie restaurant. William Marwick, a local master craftsmen, lived here circa 1701. We know he was proud of this stunning location as you can see his initials carved in stone on the front of the main building.
We too are very proud and are pleased to present an exciting, modern, yet modestly priced restaurant set in relaxed and informal surroundings.
Call us on 01243 578599 to reserve your table.
Our Hours – Open all day
Lunch 12pm - 2pm (2.30pm on a Sunday)
Afternoon snacks available 2pm - 6pm
Dinner 6pm - 9pm
To avoid disappointment, please book.

Address: Marwicks Brasserie Restaurant, The Millstream Hotel, Bosham Lane, Bosham, Chichester, PO18 8HL

Phone: 01243-578599 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Cutler Marine Engineering
Beta Marine, Bukh, Ford, Marine Engine Sales, Marine Engineers, Marine Fabrications, Marine Installations, Mercruiser, Nanni Diesel, OMC, Outboards, Perkins Sabre, Propellors & Shafts, Sea Panther, Vetus, VM Engines, Volvo Penta, Yanmar
Cutler Marine Engineering
Cutler Marine is a small family run business established in 1989 and are based at Emsworth Yacht Harbour.
We provide full mechanical installations as well as servicing ongoing support. We can advise you on the right engine for your yacht and give you the peace of mind of a full genuine manufacturers warranty.

Address: Cutler Marine Engineering, Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Thorney Road, Emsworth, PO10 8BP

Phone: 01243 375014 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Billys on the Beach
Bars & Inns, Cafes, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
Billys on the Beach
Fish & Chips, Breakfasts & Brunches, Billy’s Burgers, Soups & Salads, Cheesy Toasties, proper Ice Cream sundaes, and Daily Specials from Scallops to Moules Frites – if it’s in season we will prepare it and cook it for you.
Cakes, British Puds and Home made scones. We know you will find a favourite on our menu.
We are really proud of our coffee, specially roasted for Billy’s, teas, wicked hot chocolates and local beers. We have an easy wine list served by the glass and bottle to compliment your food. Our wine list of red white rose & fizz has been chosen by Billy who loves her wine and looks forward to you enjoying her selection.
You can also book Private Parties. Just phone Brett or Minty to talk about what we can do for you.

Address: Billys on the Beach, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay, Chichester, PO20 8JH

Phone: 01243 670373 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Birdham Pool Marina
A sheltered locked marina of 275 berths in an area of outstanding natural beauty six miles from the entrance to Chichester Harbour.
Quaint and beautiful yet with modern facilities, a fully equipped boatyard and onsite marine tenants. Birdham has a unique and envied character - every yachtsmen’s Idyll.
You will be charmed.
A mix of pontoon berths for larger boats of up to 16.5 metres as well as pile berths and bow or stern to berths. Birdham has first class marina facilities and offers winter storage ashore and afloat.
With the Old Mill building still standing next to the Lock, the 'Pool' still retains its original fascination as one of the last working tidal mill pools in Sussex. The lock operates at free flow at the top of the tide.

Address: Birdham Pool, Chichester, Sussex, PO20 7BG

Phone: 01243 512310 Fax: 01243 513163 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Chichester Cathedral
A magnificent 900-year-old Cathedral. World famous artworks, with entry and guided tours for free. Cafe and Shop open all year round.

Address: Chichester Cathedral, Chichester, PO19 1RP

Phone: 01243 782595 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Crouchers Hotel and Restaurant
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Restaurants
Crouchers Hotel and Restaurant
Over the past 11 years we have been renovating and expanding on a small Chichester bed and breakfast known as Crouchers Bottom. In fact our Chichester hotel is still well known by that name by the many customers that have continued to stay with us again and again, and the Chichester hotel and bed and breakfast is rated as one of the best value hotels in Chichester and places to stay in the city and for places to stay for nearby tourist hot spots such as West Wittering beach.

Address: Crouchers Hotel and Restaurant, Birdham Road, Chichester, PO20 7EH

Phone: 0843 5159 399 Fax: +44 (0)1243 539797 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Roger Upham Marine Electronics Ltd
Garmin Dealers, Marine Electricians, Marine Electronic Equipment, Marine Electronics, Raymarine
Roger Upham Marine Electronics Ltd
We are dedicated in providing the highest standard of workmanship, service & support.
With over 30 years experience we have seen the marine industry evolve into a highly technical world of multi functional displays, complex data networks & fully integrated on-board systems. Here at RUME Ltd we aim to take the hassle out of incorporating these systems onto your boat.
If you are looking for something new, looking for something repaired or just looking for some support, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Address: Roger Upham Marine Electronics Limited, 1 Augustus Way, Chichester, PO18 0FQ

Phone: 01243 514511 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07711 663426 - Map
Boat Sales-Power, Boat Sales-Yacht, Marine Finance, Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers
RBS Marine
Having over 30 years combined experience in the marine industry certainly helps us provide our customers with a firm base of knowledge. We deliver services clients trust and value.
Our relationship with the Rodman boat manufacturer spans over 15 years. This historical base gives us a distinctive insight of the Rodman brand and enables us to offer our clients a tailored service.
We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly service both to our existing and new clients and particularly to those that are newcomers to boating, helping them to make a qualified choice.

Address: RBS Marine, Birdham Pool Marina, Birdham Pool, Near Chichester, PO20 7BG

Phone: 01243 512101 - Email - Mobile: +44 7887 652 090 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Goodwood Flight Experiences
Visit Goodwood Aerodrome for the ultimate aerial adventure - the perfect day out for all .

Address: Goodwood Flight Experiences, Goodwood Aerodrome, chichester, PO18 OPH

Phone: 01243 755066 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The White Swan Bosham
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
The White Swan Bosham
The White Swan in Bosham dates back to the 18th Century when it featured as a Coaching Inn. Now fully restored, this grade II listed free house offers its customers a warm and friendly welcome both for daily lunches and evening meals.
Award winning ales and an array of wines have been carefully chosen to compliment the delicious seasonal dishes designed by our in house chef, with all food locally sourced for guaranteed quality and daily freshness.
The old bread oven remains a lovely feature to the restaurant and although unable to be used, it is rather fitting as this public house takes pride in making all their own breads.
Be sure to also look out for their larder storing homemade condiments for you to purchase and take home for your enjoyment.
The food, drinks and staff at The White Swan make for a memorable visit, which we are sure will be one of many.

Address: The White Swan, Bosham, Station Road, Bosham, PO18 8NG

Phone: 01243 578917 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Wildwood Pizza Pasta Grill
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Entertainment, Restaurants, Wifi
Wildwood Pizza Pasta Grill
At Wildwood, our aim is simple: for our friendly staff to serve great food, in a place where people feel at home.
Our bright and airy restaurants are great venues for every occasion. Our chefs have assembled the perfect combination of classics and modern signatures, providing the most tempting array of choices. We offer a great selection of pizza and pasta, grills and seasonal specials. All produced by using simple ingredients and serving up deliciously fresh food, every time. Grab a light bite and cocktails with colleagues, have lunch with your little ones, or celebrate a special event.
With our attention to detail, warm hospitality and high quality, good value food we will guarantee you will always have a great time.

Address: Wildwood, 30 Southgate, Chichester, PO191DP

Phone: 01243 931521 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (1)Thornham Marina

Address: Thornham Marina, Thornham Lane, Prinsted,Nr. Emsworth, PO10 8DD

Phone: 01243 375335 Fax: 01243 37152 - Email - Website - Map
Boat Cleaning
Professional Boat Valeting for the Solent area. From Hamble to Chichester marinas.


Phone: 0777 99 72648 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Russells Garden Centre Restaurant
Cafes, Private Functions, Restaurants
Russells Garden Centre Restaurant
Come and discover the restaurant at Russells where you will receive a warm welcome from husband and wife team Caroline and Robert who run the restaurant for us with the help of their friendly staff offering attentive table service. The stylish decoration is coastal inspired with a log burning fire, deep leather sofas and contemporary oak furniture which creates a relaxed ambience.
The busy team of chefs create a daily changing menu of fresh, tasty homemade food, serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea seven days a week

Address: Russells Garden Centre Restaurant, Main Road Birdham, Chichester, PO20 7BY

Phone: 01243 513186 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (1)Dom Italian Bar and Restaurant
Bars & Inns, Food Delivery, Private Functions, Restaurants, Takeaway Food, Wifi
Dom Italian Bar and Restaurant
Dom ristorante + pizzeria head chef, Weber Rocha has spent many hours developing the menu. Bringing together a well balanced alternative menu which offers many options for all members of your family.
Weber’s love for genuine, quality cuisine and his enthusiasm for the history of Italian food has led to an enchanting menu. In establishing Dom ristorante + pizzeria, Weber was helped by his wife Helen who has been instrumental in the research and development of Dom, ensuring that Dom is a friendly, family restaurant and a real pleasure to visit.
The Dom experience becomes even more exciting when you can be part of it. Watching our Pizzaiolo handcrafting your pizza in our open plan pizzeria. Our stone baked thin crust pizza is the same as the pizza you can eat on the streets of Naples, using the same ingredients and adopting the same cooking methods.

Address: Dom Italian Bar and Restaurant, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex, PO20 8JA

Phone: 01243 673839 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Pallant House Gallery
A unique Gallery holding one of the best collections of Modern British Art in the country. Critically acclaimed on-site restaurant with landscaped courtyard garden . OPEN ALL YEAR, Tues to Sun. Closed Mon (except Bank Holidays )

Address: Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, PO19 1TJ

Phone: 01243 774557 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)36 on the Quay
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Restaurants, Wifi
36 on the Quay
Original and expertly cooked food using cutting edge preparation and techniques with choice of different menus offered for lunch and dinner including 8 and 5 course tasting menus showcasing the styles of 36’s cooking.
A private courtyard, perfect for that pre-dinner aperitif or after-dinner coffee with homemade petits-fours.
The restaurant can accommodate up to 50 people for an exclusive celebratory occasion with no room charges and a menu designed to your taste and requirements.
A great seafront location, with stunning views overlooking the Emsworth harbour. This restaurant is an ideal base to enjoy many walks around the village, waterfront and surrounding countryside.

Address: 36 on the Quay, 47 South Street, Emsworth, Chichester, PO10 7EG

Phone: 01243 375592 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)West Dean Gardens
Visitor Attractions
A place of tranquility and beauty in the rolling South Downs all year round, West Dean features a restored walled kitchen garden with some of the finest Victorian glasshouses in the country. A circular walk through a 49-acre arboretum offers breathtaking views of the estate and its fine flint house and parkland setting. Rustic summerhouses, a 300ft Edwardian pergola, ornamental borders and a pond contrast with over 200 varieties of carefully trained fruit trees, rows of vegetables and exotic produce behind glass.

Address: West Dean College, West Dean, Chichester, PO18 0QZ

Phone: +44(0)1243 811301 - Map
Details & Reviews (2)The Crab & Lobster
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Restaurants
The Crab & Lobster
Nestling on the banks of Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve the 350 year old Crab & Lobster has recently been renovated creating one of the most stunning hideaways on the South Coast.
With a comfortable blend of old and new the atmosphere is relaxed, informal, individual and just a short drive from Chichester and all that the city has to offer.

Address: The Crab & Lobster, Mill Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7NB

Phone: 01243 641233 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Tangmere Aviation Museum
Visitor Attractions
The Museum was opened in 1982 with exhibits depicting 70 years of military aviation in Sussex, with special emphasis on the RAF at Tangmere and the air war over southern England from 1939 to 1945. The Museum has an intimate atmosphere lacking in many other museums of this kind; perhaps this is due to the enthusiasm of the volunteers who run the museum - many of whom were wartime RAF pilots, navigators and groundcrew.

Address: Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2ES

Phone: 01243 775223 Fax: 01243 789490 - Website - Map
Health & Beauty
TONI&GUY are committed to providing the ultimate salon experience, paying great attention to customer service. Our talented team of stylists and technicians are on hand to give you expert advice and create hair that is individual and easy to live with, interpreting fashion trends with versatile wearable styles. Members of our salon are part of the TONI&GUY Session Team and have worked alongside the International Artistic Team on catwalk shows at London Fashion Week, bringing the latest trends from the catwalk to our clients. Members of our Colour team hold the prestigious Wella Master Colour Expert accolade- their knowledge and expertise are on hand to advise you on the latest colours and techniques. We offer many additional services including Bridal and Occasion hair and the NanoKeratin Smoothing blow-dry. Clients are welcome to seek the advice of our Strength in Style consultants in association with Macmillan Cancer Support. Our wide range of Label.m and GHD haircare products will keep your hair ‘salon perfect’ until your next visit. We also offer the amazing Nano-Keratin smoothing blow dry system. For more information on our services please speak to our friendly front of house team who will be happy to help.

Address: 26 North street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO191LB

Phone: 01243 787488 - Email - Website - Map
Bars & Inns, Cafes, Restaurants
The Fat Fig

Address: The Fat Fig, 42 South Street, Chichester, PO19 1DR

Phone: 01243 530366 - Website - Map
Antifouling, Boat Cleaning, Boat Covers, Boat Cushions, Boat Valeting, Marine Upholstery, Sailmakers/Repair
Sail Style
Sail Style produce sails and covers for many types of boats on request. At Sail Style we are very keen sailors and understand the knowledge of sailing, more to the point the need for getting you kit together and getting out on the water. We are always making sure our work is able to give our customers great satisfaction in your sailing and keeping your boats covered. One of our strongest points is giving you great value for money.

Address: Sail Style, 2 St Marys Road, Hayling Island, PO11 9BY

Phone: 023 9246 3720 Fax: 023 9246 6451 - Email - Website - Mobile: 0781 803 1712 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)36 on the Quay
36 on the Quay
Four smart, competitively priced en-suite bedrooms with historical characteristics make 36 the perfect place to stay and relax after your memorable meal, with delicious continental breakfast and a morning walk by the sea.

Address: 36 on the Quay, 47 South Street, Emsworth, Chichester, PO10 7EG

Phone: 01243 375592 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Chichester Marina
Chichester Marina
VHF: 80

Enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of this marina. Set in a vast natural harbour with its safe sheltered waters it provides an ideal area for all boating abilities.

The second largest marina in Britain offers superb facilities in a beautiful environment. Set in a vast natural harbour with its safe sheltered waters it provides an ideal area for all boating abilities.

Address: Birdham, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7EJ

Phone: +44 (0)1243 512731 Fax: +44 (0)1243 513472 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Moonlight Tandoori
Restaurants, Takeaway Food
Moonlight Tandoori

Address: Moonlight Tandoori, 36 Shore Road, East Wittering, Chichester, PO20 8DZ

Phone: 01243 671155 - Website - Map
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Entertainment, Restaurants
El Castizo
Finally a piece of the Mediterranean reaches the South Coast, and introduces you to a new way of eating.

Many people don't really know what "Tapas" means, so we intend on showing you what a great way it is to enjoy food.

Our restaurant caters for everyone, we have some great seafood, a variety of vegetarian dishes and some imported meat and cheeses, all of which are prepared and served in a tradicional Spanish enviroment.

Come and see us and try something different!

Address: 24 St. Pancras, Victoria Court, Chichester

Phone: 01243 788988 - Email - Website - Map
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