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Tonight - Light Rain Showers
Minimum: 4C, Wind Direction: South Westerly
Wind: Moderate 24mph, Pressure: 1002mb, Sunset: 20:27 BST
Monday - Light Rain Showers
Maximum: 9C, Minimum: 5C
Wind: 31mph North Westerly, Visibility: Moderate, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:17 BST, Sunset: 20:29 BST
Tuesday - Light Rain Showers
Maximum: 9C, Minimum: 4C
Wind: 21mph North Westerly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:14 BST, Sunset: 20:31 BST
Sun 14 AprHigh Tide04:262.85m
Sun 14 AprLow Tide10:140.56m
Sun 14 AprHigh Tide17:092.65m
Sun 14 AprLow Tide22:520.9m
Mon 15 AprHigh Tide05:072.73m
Mon 15 AprLow Tide11:090.78m
Mon 15 AprHigh Tide17:592.45m
Mon 15 AprLow Tide23:581.13m
Tue 16 AprHigh Tide05:532.59m
Tue 16 AprLow Tide12:320.95m
Tue 16 AprHigh Tide19:042.27m
Wed 17 AprLow Tide01:211.25m
Wed 17 AprHigh Tide06:552.44m
Wed 17 AprLow Tide14:080.97m
Wed 17 AprHigh Tide21:262.24m
Thu 18 AprLow Tide02:391.22m
Thu 18 AprHigh Tide08:352.38m
Thu 18 AprLow Tide15:170.87m
Thu 18 AprHigh Tide22:252.37m
Fri 19 AprLow Tide03:431.07m
Fri 19 AprHigh Tide10:112.5m
Fri 19 AprLow Tide16:110.73m
Fri 19 AprHigh Tide23:072.49m
Sat 20 AprLow Tide04:360.89m
Sat 20 AprHigh Tide10:592.63m
Sat 20 AprLow Tide16:550.62m
Sat 20 AprHigh Tide23:432.59m
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19/06/2016 @ 1:30 am
Jessy Langworth
When you guys coming over here to make a harbour guide for Campbeltown ? or is it to far for you to come? We have a new marina here!! and many visiting boats etc. Get your act together Harbourguides!! Doubt you will post this!
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Campbeltown Marina
Campbeltown Marina opened in June 2015 and is situated in the Town Centre at the head of the deep, sheltered waters of Campbeltown Loch on the South-eastern aspect of the Kintyre Peninsula. It is within easy reach of the Antrim Coast, Ayrshire and the Upper Clyde. Diesel is available at the Old Quay and gas is available across the road. Petrol is available a 5 minute walk away. A well stocked chandlers is situated in the town centre.
Campbeltown is the perfect 'getaway' destination with plenty to offer the whole family. Golf, cycling & walking routes, modern swimming pool and horse riding are some of the activities on offer.Situated directly in the town centre there is a wide choice of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and supermarkets within easy walking distance.

Address: Campbeltown Marina, Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, PA28 6BU

Phone: 07798524821 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07798 524821 - Map