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Tuesday - Sunny Intervals
Maximum: 17C, Minimum: 15C
Wind: 19mph Southerly, Visibility: Very Good, Sunrise: 07:30 IST, Sunset: 19:28 IST
Wednesday - Light Rain
Maximum: 16C, Minimum: 11C
Wind: 11mph West South Westerly, Visibility: Good, Sunrise: 07:31 IST, Sunset: 19:25 IST
Thursday - Light Rain
Maximum: 16C, Minimum: 12C
Wind: 20mph Southerly, Visibility: Very Good, Sunrise: 07:33 IST, Sunset: 19:23 IST

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Situated in the heart of West Cork in an area famous for its lush vegetation, semi tropical plants and palm trees, Bantry is amongst the most beautiful places on earth. Crystal clear streams cascade down mountainsides towards the azure blue waters of the sea. Woods give way to hilly pastures peppered with megalithic monuments and monastic ruins. It is a place of magic and wonder filled with mountainous ridges, hidden glens, misty valleys and vast forests.

The beautiful coastal waters are a virtual Mecca for discerning Yachtsmen, searching for adventure on the sea and spectacular backdrops by which they can moor. There are ample harbour facilities with slipways and cranage available by prior arrangement. The influence of the Gulf Stream means the waters are warm and create an almost sub tropical climate during the summer months.

There are numerous small sandy beaches to relax on where visitors can enjoy themselves in almost complete privacy and the maze of minor roads make the region ideal for carefree walks and cycle tours. The area has accommodation for up to 2,500 visitors ranging from major hotels to lodges, inns to private guest houses. There is also a wide selection of restaurants to suit all pockets and tastes ranging from fish and chips to traditional local dishes to international and gourmet cuisine.

For outdoor types, there probably isnít anywhere else in Ireland to match Bantry. Untouched and truly exquisite it holds mysteries and surprises at every turn. With the kind of hospitality traditionally associated with the Irish thriving throughout the region and a landscape many only thought existed in story books, Bantry really is a place of legends and much, much more.
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