Alicante Pilot Notes & Charts

Pilot notes are meant as a general guide, or for use in conjunction with a Pilot book or chart.
· APPROACH BY DAY: The bay can be easily recognised from any point as soon as it comes into sight. We can distinguish the hills surrounding the city, such as Molinet, San Julián, Benacantil with Santa Bárbara castle on top, NE direction. Exactly on top of the city and 0.5 miles NW from Benacantil, we can see el Tozal, smaller and crowned by the ruins of San Fernando castle, which is not as high as Santa Barbara castle. Also, as we approach the bay we discover the capes of Santa Pola and De las huertas and the island of Tabarca. As well as this, we can recognise Font Calent range of hills, 724 mts. above sea level, situated W of the city and Jijona mountains, 1.233 m high, 347º from the city. Approaching from the south we round Levante dike's breakwater, leaving it 50m on the starboard side. When we are inside the commercial port we must follow the dike through the outer harbour NE direction until its end. There, on the port side, we will find the port entrance strictly speaking and we will see Marina Deportiva de Alicante on the starboard side, being easily recognisable. · APPROACH BY NIGHT: The reconnaissance of Alicante and the access to the bay and port is easy. There are lights showing the edges of the bay as well as the edges of the wharfs. These lights are different one to the other. Approaching the port, we identify the green light on the Levante dyke (Gpoc(1+3)V18s. Sailing from it 50m to the starboard side, we go towards the centre of the outer harbour's mouth. Following NE course, we leave the red lights behind, to the port side; they belong to the different docks. There, we find the red light (GpD(4)R11s) and the green one (DV 2.5s)) which indicate the entrance to the inner dock. Marina Deportiva de Alicante is right to the starboard side and we can see the building, signs, the petrol station…, and right beside it we can see the waiting and fuelling dock.
Pilot Maps
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