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Whats the best way to waterproof sprayhoods and biminis?

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20/12/2019 17:20
My bimini is now 6 years old and is pretty much continually out to the elements. Sun, sea, wind, rain etc. It has now lost its waterproofing and when it rains, the rain seeps through the material. I have heard about sprays, washing fluids etc. but wanted someones advice on what is the best (Not neccacery the cheapest) way to re-waterproof and protect both the bimini and the sprayhood (The sprayhood is still watertight) My boat is lying in the Med now (Spain) so takes a lot of hammer from the sun.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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30/12/2019 23:53
We used a HG product. It was about 8 Euros and it seems to have worked really well. Our bimini is about 6 years old and was leaking really bad. We got the HG product (Cant remember the actual name as there were several different bottles for varied different problems, one of which for mould i had used before with great success.) gave the bimini a wash let it dry and sprayed it on. Its only rained a couple of times since, and not very heavily, but upto now there has been no leaks. Fingers crossed for when the heavy rain comes in.
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11/04/2020 16:15
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18/09/2020 13:04
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