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Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos: Bold predictions

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06/11/2018 04:00
The Los Angeles Rams simply have to show up in Denver Authentic Todd Gurley Jersey , deal with the snowy weather conditions, and handle their business against the Denver Broncos. Even though the LA Rams are a superior team in most areas, the Denver Broncos are much better than their performance last week against the New York Jets. Iím still picking the Rams to win without much of a struggle. But how will they win?Letís get bold.Marcus Peters will prove that heís healthy with his best game of the seasonOur favorite ball hawk CB, Marcus Peters, has stumbled a bit in the past couple of weeks, probably due to complications with his calf injury that he may have returned too early from. He says heís 100%, while Grandpa Wade says that heís been battling injury issues. Regardless, Peters will be playing with a chip on his shoulder in Denver, well aware of the criticism. I predict that Peters will have 2 interceptions, and one of them will be a 50+ return for a touchdown.The Broncos run game will be shut down RB Royce Freeman and RB Phillip LIndsay have a combined for 5.5 yards per carry for the Broncos, which been the most positive element of their offense so far this season. However Todd Gurley Jersey Elite , the Ramsí defensive line has been answering questions all week about their inability to stop the run and Ndamukong Suh, Michael Brockers, and Aaron Donald are cause some havoc. Look for the Ramsí D to keep the Broncosí running game to less than 50 yards while causing two fumbles (the snow makes football fun!)Todd Gurley II goes for five touchdowns because he canLast week, the Broncos failed to contain the New York Jetsí running backs in space, allowing them to get to the second level, eventually amassing 323 yards on the ground. RB Todd Gurley II thrives in situations llike this, which makes him destined to rush for over 200 yards and five touchdowns. No turnovers for the Ramsí offenseEven though QB Jared Goff doesnít have a long history of playing games in cold conditions, I predict that heíll play smart and clean, not giving up any turnovers. In fact, Goff will throw for for 275+ yards,even tossing a couple of touchdown passes to keep the narrative going that heís elite.This game presents a handful of challenges , so predicting a blowout against a defense led by LB Von Miller is not the smartest decision. But thatís why Iím paid the big bucks. Rams win, 52-6Los Angeles Rams aplenty in top 100 2018 fantasy football rankings Over at Fake Teams, the SB Nation community for fantasy sports, theyíve got their top 100 board for the 2018 season up. Not surprisingly given how good the offense was in 2017, the Los Angeles Rams have plenty of players up and down the board.#2.) RB Todd GurleyA bit surprised JTG isnít #1? Me too. He got nudged out by Pittsburgh Steelers RB LeíVeon Bell. Of Fake Teamsí seven staffers, three gave Gurley their #1 vote while only one gave it to Bell. The difference was that five staffers had Bell #2 while the four who didnít vote Gurley #1 had him either #3 or #4. One of those staffers laid out the case in impressive depth here if youíre that dedicated of a fantasy nerd.Quibbling at this point as we all obviously agree Gurley is one of the best fantasy plays in the NFL this year, and if youíre a Rams fan with the #1 overall pick and you donít take Gurley, you should sleep in a can. A cold can. Filled with bees.#38.) WR Brandin CooksThis seems awfully high for me.Cooks comes in ahead of Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster and Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate who I personally expect to have better fantasy seasons not because of Cooks individually, per se.But the Rams have a lot of mouths to feed.Youíve got an offense with Cooks, WR Robert Woods , WR Cooper Kupp, Gurley and some combination of TE Tyler Higbee and TE Gerald Everett. Last year, Cooks had 114 targets with the New England Patriots, the lowest total of his last three seasons. Your 2017 LA Rams target leader? Kupp with 94. If weíre considering for fantasy implications the sheer simplicity of replacing now Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins with Cooks, your new WR1 is coming into a role that received just 70 targets last year.I just donít see how the Rams could get Cooks the volume of work required to make him a top 40 overall player without doing so at a severe detriment to the rest of the offensive pieces.This isnít to say Cooks shouldnít fare well. Or even be more efficient. But the sheer volume at work here is probably too much to invest in this highly.If youíre looking for the positive spin, itís right here:#81.) WR Cooper Kupp#82.) WR Robert WoodsThe reason nobody should be upset with the idea of Cooks not being a top target is that the Ramsí offense is so well-balanced. Would you rather have a top 20 WR with your WR2 and WR3 well outside the top 100, or have (perhaps easily) three top 100 WRs? There are arguments both ways, but thereís no denying the quality of the Ramsí WR depth chart right now.And thatís it. So a couple of other thoughts, with an obvious one up first.QB Jared Goff not listedNot terribly surprised here. There are 11 QBs on their list, and with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Philadelphia Eagles WR Carson Wentz and Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson all coming back from injury , I can see Goff getting edged out. Still, it doesnít make me at all enthused to see:100.) San Francisco 49ers QB Jersey Cowpooperblow#4.) Arizona Cardinals RB David JohnsonIs this too high for a RB coming off of an ACL injury in that offense?#7.) New York Giants RB Saquon BarkleyThereís no way Iím taking Barkley this year. Heís got a ridiculous skill sit, but the Giantsí line is soupy and Iím not terribly high on new Head Coach Pat Shurmurís offensive system fantasy-wise. I do, however, think the Giants could be much, much, much better as a team this year.#17.) Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin CookSee above: Johnson, David.#32.) Washington RB Derrius GuiceSniff.Sadly, the Fake Teams crew put out these rankings before Guice went down with an ACL injury that will see him miss the 2018 season. Sucks. I was tabbing him as my 2018 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Great War on Knees continues...What else stands out to you from their top 100? Thoughts on their rankings of the Rams? Fantasy expectations? Who are your sleepers and busts for 2018?
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