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Getting to your boat in Spain in Covid times

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12/03/2021 11:51
I am a UK citizen living in England and have a boat in Spain. I havnt been able to get over there due to Covid travel restrictions. Are there any exclusions to the restrictions for people who have boats or other properties in Spain? Luckily I have a live aboard neighbour who does keep an eye out for me, but its still important I get over as soon as possible to make sure everthing is ok, sea cocks, etc.
Would be interested to hear from anyone who is in the same boat, or who knows of any way I can get over to Spain legally?
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25/03/2021 21:35
Spain will allow UK residents into Spain at the end of March. Especially if you have a legit reason. Having a boat or property will be one of them. The UK government will do their upmost to disuade Brits to travel abroad(Issuing fines,hotel quarantines, negative tests etc.) This way the money they have handed out during the pandamic stays in the UK. Whats the point of having the vaccine if we still cant travel? Its all about money.
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21/04/2021 09:18
Cool one.
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