Zoca Restaurant

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Zoca Restaurant
Why Zoca?
The restaurant is named after the drummer in which it is located: Zoca Flank.
The unusual name of the battery comes from the Arabic name for a market, soko. There was a meat market (soko) around the battery area since at least the 17th century and was used as such until the 19th century, when the slaughterhouse moved to the eastern part of the neutral terrain between Gibraltar and Spain.
Zoca Tavern is a restaurant with a wide and elaborate menu of tapas and dishes, although our specialty is grilled meat, we have several types of cuts of meat and from different origins . We have several rooms and our appreciated terrace, we are a perfect place for business meetings and family meals, since we have the option of making the entrance to our dining rooms private. View a 360 tour

Address: Zoca Restaurant, 8 Reclamation Road, Gibraltar GX11 1AA

Phone: 20078225 - Email - Website - Mobile: 54040232 - Map
Reviews (2)
09/02/2024 @ 8:53 am
Shaun Bev
Zoca Restaurant
We arranged our laying up party here last year and had a fantastic night. The function room was private and the staff made sure we didn't have to wait for service. A few of us mingled in the bar restaurant area later and the vibe was really pleasant. We will be booking again for sure.
14/10/2023 @ 9:32 am
Karen Bronson & Co
Zoca Restaurant
Beautiful restaurant with unusual but stunning decor. There is a large seating area outside. Zoca is great to go to for a meal, or just pop in for a frink. Its a little bit different, but in a good way.
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