The Yacht Catering Company

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The Yacht Catering Company
We always use the best quality fresh ingredients in all our dishes. Our menus are adapted throughout the year to take advantage of seasons.
Meals that require reheating are packaged in sealed oven ready containers complete with full reheating instructions, ready to eat dishes are packaged in ready to serve containers.
We can cater for most food alergies including gluten and eggs.
Welcome to 'The yacht catering company
Ian Westwood

Address: Unit 10,Hamble Yacht Services, Port Hamble,Hamble, Southampton, SO31 4NN

Phone: 02380 457262 - Email - Website - Map
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14/09/2014 @ 11:18 pm
Albert Luescher
Do not touch them with a barge pole. My elderly parents booked them for an event catering to all the guys who built their annex. All agreed. Time and all. They never showed up. We ended having a good night at the Jolly Farmer. Their response after? We emailed and never heard back. Sorry, spoke on phone and asked if we needed to pay a deposit.
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