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South India is famous for its exotic cuisine prepared with artful and exquisite combinations of fresh spices. Here at Tandoor Indian restaurant in Douglas, the chef creates and provides our guest with the authentic cuisine from Northern and southern parts of India, famous for its clay oven dishes and exotic curries. We trust your visit at Tandoor will be reminiscent of the traditional cuisine of India served by our staff.
What is Tandoor?
The igloo-shaped clay oven known as the tandoor is most closely identified with Indian cooking. This is an excellent method of baking meats, poultry, fish and bread.
The meat, poultry or fish is first marinated in a roseate spice mixture, and then impaled on long skewers that are lowered into the tandoor. Sheets of bread dough, called Naan, are also slapped against the sides of the oven and peeled off when crisply charred and blistered.

Address: Tasndoor South Indian Restaurant, 3 Market Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2BF

Phone: 01624 615 202 - Email - Website - Map
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