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SWIMS Men'S & Ladies footwear . A galosh is an over shoe that slips over the wearer ’s indoor footwear but is made of waterproof material to protect the more delicate material s of the shoe as wel l as the wearer ’s foot from cold and damp. SWIMS are a reintroduction of the rubber overshoe, a practical accessory for men’s shoes that became popular in the late 1800’s and has protected elegant footwear in cities like London and New York ever since. “We have taken the concept one step further and added an element of timeless design, playfulness and improved functionality”. SWIMS allow you to wear your favorite shoes regardless of weather conditions, while at the same time providing a stylish look. Slip ‘em on before walking wet, muddy and snowy streets. Slip ’em off when you arrive, having shiny and clean shoes for the indoor occasion. Utilizing innovative production technology, colors and materials, SWIMS offer a unique and modern shoe protector, the latest accessory of big city lifestyle. SWIMS were developed and tested in rough Norwegian weather and will keep you warm and dry in any condition. We also stock PJS Clothing .

Address: Symi harbour, Plastira street, Symi , Greece .

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