Port Ginesta

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Address: Port Ginesta, S.A. 08860 Les Botigues de Sitges, Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 664 36 61 - Email - Website - Map
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03/02/2021 @ 12:11 pm
Harbourguides Crew
Port Ginesta Marina
In reply to "EX Berth Holder" We (Harbourguides) Have not and do not receive any kind of funding from Port Ginesta. Some local businesses do advertise on the guide, Restaurants, Marine businesses, shops etc. as these businesses are aware that the boat owners and enthusiasts use the guide for information.
We always give an honest appraisal of all the marinas and ports we cover in UK and Europe and our opinion is that Port Ginesta is an excellent marina and well-priced. As we mentioned before we would not have our boat here if not. There is a great expat social scene and lots of people at hand to help.
We love it here
03/02/2021 @ 12:00 pm
Ex Berth Holder
Port Ginesta Marina
Is this a fair review Harbourguides have put on here about the marina or are they "Being Polite" because they receive advertising revenue from the Port Ginesta?
03/02/2021 @ 11:52 am
Mantenemos nuestro barco en Port Ginesta Marina y lo hemos hecho durante los últimos cuatro años. Nuestras tarifas de amarre han aumentado ligeramente durante este período, pero no mucho. Esto se debe a que el puerto deportivo ofreció un descuento especial durante el primer año (No estoy seguro del porcentaje). Este descuento parece reducirse cuanto más tiempo esté allí. Para darle un ejemplo, nuestro barco es de 10,5 my nuestras tarifas de amarre para el puerto deportivo son de 4000 Euros. Tenemos que admitir que este es un precio muy razonable si se considera el estándar de la marina. Lo que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de buscar un puerto deportivo para nosotros es 1 / ¿Ofrece buen abrigo? (Sí) 2 / ¿Está cerca del aeropuerto? (Sí 20 minutos) 3 / ¿Tiene buen astillero? (Sí, gran astillero con ascensores capaces de levantar tanto gatos grandes como pequeños monovolúmenes) 4 / ¿Hay buenos restaurantes y servicios? (Sí, una gran cantidad de restaurantes y servicios marinos, prácticamente se puede hacer cualquier cosa aquí) 5 / ¿El personal es amable? (Sí, muy amable y servicial) En general, este es un buen puerto deportivo en nuestra opinión y muy bien de precio. También vale la pena mencionar que casi todos los amarres incluyen agua y electricidad en los precios, solo los barcos muy grandes pagan extra.
Es cierto que hay amarres privados en el puerto deportivo que puedes alquilar y sí, normalmente son más baratos, muchos de nuestros amigos aquí alquilan privados, pero con un amarre privado te pierdes algunos de los "Descuentos" que ofrece el puerto deportivo, es decir tarifas de estacionamiento reducidas, tarifas de astillero más baratas, pernoctaciones gratuitas en otros puertos deportivos a lo largo de la costa, remolque gratuito de recuperación al puerto deportivo. etc.
En general, Port Ginesta es un puerto deportivo muy bien gestionado que ofrece una protección perfecta para su barco. No mantendríamos nuestro bote aquí si pensáramos diferente.
03/02/2021 @ 10:15 am
Harbourguides Crew
Port Ginesta Marina
The Harbourguides Crew keep our boat at Port Ginesta Marina and have done so for the past four years. Our mooring fees have gone up slightly over this period, but not much. Our mooring has increased because the marina offered a special discount for the first year(Not sure of the percentage) this discount seems to reduce the longer you are there. To give you an example our boat is 10.5m and our mooring fees for the marina are are 4000 Euros. We have to admit that this is a very reasonable price when you consider the standard of marina. Things to take into account when looking for a marina for us is 1/ Does it offer good shelter?(Yes) 2/ Is it close to the airport?(Yes 20 minutes) 3/ Does it have a good boatyard? (Yes large boatyard with lifts capable of lifting large cats as well as small monohuls) 4/ Are there nice restaurants and services? (Yes an abundance of restaurants and marine services, you can pretty much get anything done here) 5/ Are the staff friendly? (Yes, very friendly and helpful) All in all this is a vert good marina in our opinion and very well priced. Its also worth mentioning that nearly all the moorings include water and electric in the prices, its only the very large boats that pay extra.
Its true that there are private moorings in the marina that you can rent and yes they are normally cheaper, a lot of our friends here rent private, but with a private mooring you miss out on some of the "Discounts" the marina offers, ie reduced car parking fees, cheaper boatyard rates, free overnight stays in other marinas along the coast free recue tow into the marina. etc.
All in all Port Ginesta is a very well run marina that offers perfect protection for your boat. We wouldnt keep our boat here if we thought different.
03/02/2021 @ 9:42 am
The marina more interested in catering for large catamarans. they obviously think this is where the money is. They have gone to great expense to get a special boat lift for catamarans and are really going for this market.
02/02/2021 @ 10:57 am
Hans J.
Could Harbourguides put information on the guide for private moorings? or would it contradict their advertising agreement with the marina or commisions they receive from them?
02/02/2021 @ 10:52 am
Thanks Hans.
02/02/2021 @ 10:45 am
Hans J.
A lot of the boat owners are members of a Port Ginesta Whatsapp group. This was set up by a UK boat owner in the marina and now has a lot of members. They discuss matters such as this.They are mainly British, but theere are also other nationalities on there. They all have boats in the marina but are unable to get there due to Covid restrictions. I am not a member of this group. I will find out who runs it and get back to you with info.
It is a shame because the marina has a lot to offer, but I agree the prices were one of the attractions, and sadly this is no longer the case.
02/02/2021 @ 10:34 am
Do you have any information on private moorings? I am in UK and can not get to Spain due to the restrictions and i got the marina hastling me for my mooring fees. No explanation on why they have put up the prices. You would think they would realise the problems we have getting out to our boats and the worry of if everything is ok with them. there has been some strong winds in that area and we have been suck at home due to Covid. The impression I get is that they are only interested in money, not loyalty!
02/02/2021 @ 10:17 am
Hans J.
Hi Kev, Before you leave look for a private mooring. They are a lot cheaper than the marina charges. A lot of people are now moving to other marinas (Villanova, Sitges, Garaf, Roda de Bara, there are plenty of marinas in a short distance along this coast.) Good luck
02/02/2021 @ 10:10 am
Was such a friendly forward thinking marina. Very competitively priced and helpful. Sadly this seems to have changed. The prices for moorings go up every year, the staff now have a take it or leave it attitude.Time to go elsewhere.
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