Mont Orgueil Castle

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Mont Orgueil Castle
History comes to life at Mont Orgueil Castle, which for 600 years protected Jersey against French invasion. Explore the network of staircases, towers and rooms to discover hidden treasures.

Mont Orgueil Castle is a wonderful place to visit, every time you vist you'll discover a staircase you've not seen before opening up into a room where you'll find something new. Climb the turrets to find the medieval 'wheel of urine', and descend into the basement to experience the 'witchcraft' exhibit. Life-size wooden soldiers guard the castle from attack and 'the wounded man' statue shows the fate that could befall those fighting to save the castle from invasion.

Let the Living History team of re-enactors transport you to another time, when the castle is under attack and eagles fly above. Make a wish at the Tudor well, climb to the top of the castle and imagine firing the mighty cannon, or simply enjoy the stunning view of the French coast only 14 miles away.

Address: Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey, JE3 6ET

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633375 - Website - Map
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