Mgarr Marina

The Mgarr Marina consists of 208 berths. The Marina provides a perfect stop-over for anyone visiting Gozo or cruising around the Maltese Islands. The island is a third of the size of Malta, but greener and more rural. Its landscape has hills and deep valleys as well as rugged cliffs, which give natural protection to the island's small harbours and inlets. Little wonder it has become known as an island of charm and beauty.

Address: Mgar Marina, Gozo

Phone: (+356) 9924 2501 - Email - Website - Map
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20/07/2019 @ 6:20 pm
Emma S
Well located marina, friendly staff, but appalling customer service and management. We booked for two nights in advance for our 49ft sailing yacht. We were not advised (and it wasn't printed anywhere in T&Cs) that it was forbidden to leave our dinghy in the water (even though we'd safely tied it so there was no chance of it touching another boat). On arrival we were informed we would have to remove it from the water. The dinghy goes on davits at the back of the boat and if we use those we can't get off the boat so we always tie it safely at the bow. It's too heavy to hoist onto the deck. We asked to speak to the marina manager as the dinghy goes on davits at the back of the boat and if it's on them we can't get off the boat and we wanted to explain the situation - we were quite prepared to move it elsewhere, although we'd already spoken to the people on board the boat next door who were happy with the way we'd left the dinghy. We waited several hours for the marina manager, but he didn't appear so we went off to explore. As we were returning we saw the marina staff board our boat without our permission and remove our dinghy and tow it to another dock. When we finally got to speak to the manager he told us we would be charged around EUR 50 for it to be on an empty pontoon for the two nights and that this was the only option, which was totally unacceptable. On speaking to other people in the marina and in the town, his attitude and lack of customer service are unfortunately well known. I'd avoid this marina in future and would not recommend to anyone.
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