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Maryport Harbour and Marina is situated on the beautiful Lake District Coast, in the county of Cumbria. The dramatic Cumbrian coastline has the Solway Firth lapping its shores and provides excellent sailing and fishing grounds. The Solway Firth is also an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with numerous sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and fish breeding grounds. Maryport has its own SSI on the grass banks around the Marina, which lays host to rare flowers and butterflies, on visiting these areas please take care not to disturb or damage them.

Address: Maryport Harbour and Marina, Marine Road, MARYPORT, CA15 8AY

Phone: 01900 814431 Fax: 01900 810212 - Email - Website - Map
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06/09/2022 @ 2:03 pm
James Mitchell
If you are wanting long term moorings, look elsewhere. Workington and Whitehaven are better starting points for the Irish Sea and Solway Firth. In an emergency don't rely on Maryport Marina to put themselves out to 'rescue' or assist you. Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Marine Accident Investigation Board(MAIB) have been scathing in their criticism of Maryport Marina; "little or no commercial maritime experience;" "failure to conduct a risk assessment;" "failed to meet standards of Port Marine Safety Code(PMSC); "safety management system . . not being maintained;(2016);" (Reference MAIB Report 25/2016 Fredwood sinking; PMSC in conjunction with 'Guide to Good Practice on Port Marine Operations') I have always found it very difficult to get VHF communication with them. Communication face to face is even worse. The management is surly, defensive, generally uncooperative, customer ungrateful and always put blame or costs on the boat owner. Make certain you have sufficient insurance cover. Demand a copy of their 'Terms and Conditions.' You'll be to blame! DO NOT park your car casually in the marina vicinity. Double read the warning signs. Read them again. Maryport Marina is ultra quick with fixed penalty fines. They will take you to court. Safer to keep away.
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