The Bridewell

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The Bridewell
The Bridewell - Argyle Street bridewell and fire station was built in the 1840’s at a cost of £2675and was mainly used as a lock up, playing host to over refreshed and excitable seamen and dockers, there were 7 cells which housed over 100 “guests” each month, bread was free as was the floor - if you required use of a bed or better food then these would have to be paid for.
Charles Dickens was sworn in as a special constable for one night only in 1860 whilst researching his novel “The Uncommercial Traveller”
The Building ceased to be used as a prison in 1932 but was brought back to life during the second world war by the US military - rumours of German POW and conscientious objectors - but as these activities were shrouded in mystery for fear of letting the enemy discover, any evidence has been lost in the passages of time.

Address: The Bridewell, 1 Campbell Square, Argyle Street, Liverpool, L1 5FB

Phone: 0151 707 2372 - Website - Map
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