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lePassage Art Gallery & Wine Bar
About The Gallery
In August 2018 I came upon the idea to gather the group of artists I had come to know in Alderney during some 25 years. It struck me as an artist... That the artist community in the small island of Alderney was in many ways equal to that of St Ives... or to that of Skagen Painters... or to that of the artist community in Provence.
Eventually... all special places around the world attracts painters... photographers... writers...
Such inspiring communities formes naturally over the years and each such place... infiltrates the minds of artists and writers.

Address: lePassage Art Gallery & Wine Bar, Les Rocquettes, St Anne, Alderney GY9 3TF

Phone: +44 7781 495002 - Email - Website - Map
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18/06/2024 @ 10:24 am
Sally Threllfall
lePassage Art Gallery & Wine Bar
Can you tell me if lePassage Art Gallery is open yet? and if not is there a date? thanks.
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