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Battery Chargers, Books & Charts, Chandlery, Liferafts & Lifejackets, Marine Clothing, Marine Electronics, Marine Safety Equipment

Address: Largs Chandlers Ltd, Largs Yacht Haven, Irvine Road Largs, KA30 8EZ

Phone: 01475 686026 Fax: 01475 676026 - Email - Map
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06/05/2021 @ 10:24 am
Snobbish Arrogrant Hypocritics
Largs Chandlers has rude staff that are only interested in JUMPING DOWN YOUR THROAT demanding that you wear a face covering before you have even fully entered their premises. For the record, a snood/buff/neckie/head kerchief/whatever is an acceptable face covering.

The old woman and younger woman (with long dark brown hair) were complete hypocrites. They sat behind a desk cowering in fear of COVID customers and yet neither of them wore their own face coverings!

From their behaviour, it was clear that I was an interruption to their conversation, my request was too much bother for them, as they procrastinated their paid-for duties. I hope the Largs Chandlers owners advise their staff to wear face coverings and not belittle others wearing suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Largs Chandlers is closed and out of business will be their future if the owners continue to employ hypocritical, arrogant, petrified, and snobbish shop assistants.

Largs Chandlers staff disrespect for potential customers. Your arrogance and comments resulted with a very disappointing customer experience and no sale (you do know that you are meant to be in business to make money and that customers provide you with that opportunity?)

Largs Chandlers is the worst shop that I have had the displeasure of visiting recently. Largs Chandlers staff represented the company as aloof, could-not-care-less, laissez faire business. The customer service assistants attitude was upsetting and is unacceptable.

I do not recommend Largs Chandlers.

Avoid Largs Chandlers.
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