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La Sablonnerie Hotel
A Small Sark Hotel with an Enviable Reputation. La Sablonnerie is an hotel of rare quality situated in a time warp of simplicity on the tiny, idyllic Channel Island of Sark, where no motor cars are allowed and life ambles along at a peaceful, unhurried pace. The hotel has an enviable reputation for its superb food and wines; local butter, fresh cream, meat, fruit and vegetables which, where possible, are sourced from the hotel's own farm and gardens. The hotel accommodation is very clean and comfortable and totally geared to unhurried relaxation. Of course being so close to the sea, freshly caught fish and famous Sark lobsters are popular specialities of the hotel. La Sablonnerie has been featured by the Which? hotel guide as 'The place to stay in the Channel Islands', and also received the highly coveted award from Condé Nast Johansen - 'Small Hotel of the Year'. Needless to say you have to visit us to find out exactly what everyone is talking about. View a 360° tour

Address: La Sablonnerie Hotel, Little Sark, Channel Islands

Phone: 01481 832061 Fax: 01481 832408 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (7)
20/07/2019 @ 8:59 am
Harry & Lynn
We had heard all about the La Sablonnerie and Elizabeth before we arrived on Sark, so we took our bikes to Little Sark to see what all the fuss is about. Only now can we reallise how special and unique this amazing hotel and Elizabeth are. We were made to feel like royalty when we first arrived and Elizabeth was the perfect hostess, showing a lot of interest in our travels etc. The food was the best we had on the island. to sum it up, if you are in the vicinity of the channel islands, make the effort to come to Sark, stay a few days in this unbelievable hotel and get to know Sark. I would be very surprised if you do not fall in love with the whole experience. We certainly did.
18/05/2019 @ 1:33 pm
Steve Mally
One of my most enjoyable weeks in this delightful hotel. A must for your bucket list, please visit this hotel, I promise you will return over and over again. Thanks Elizabeth and the rest of the team for your hospitality.
18/02/2017 @ 2:28 pm
Karen and Paul
Is the beautiful Elizabeth still running the hotel? Brings back great memories sailing round these beautiful islands. Fantstiic location with a hostess to match.
01/10/2016 @ 9:53 pm
Sharon and Matt
We can not fault this fabulous hotel. If you ever want to get away from the city rat race and just relax, this is the place for you. Elizabeth made sure we were catered for without interfering with our privacy.
Absolute perfection.
05/08/2014 @ 8:20 am
Sue & Kyle Thompson
Fantastic meal in a fabulous location served by great staff. 10 out of 10
13/07/2014 @ 9:11 am
John and Moyra
Have never been pampered so much in my life, was like being in a scene from what I would imagine life was like in the olden days, and wished we could of stayed longer. Maybe next time.
31/05/2014 @ 5:22 am
Gerry and Sue
Love this place..Hope the lovely Elizabeth is still there.Fantastic hotel restaurant. If you have never been, please do go, you wont regret it.
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