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Koyzeinepi Restaurant Crete
Welcome to Koyzeinepi Restaurant in Crete

Koyseinepi restaurant is set in a beautiful square just off the main street of Heraklion. This is a very discreet but yet very accessible restaurant. Koyzeinepi is set out so the dining experience is mainly al fresco as they have few tables inside with a large dining area out in the open which are all set around a sweet little garden. 

At koyzeinepi the chef Nikos is the owner so all of the responsibility is on him something you don't tend to find in this day and age. His passion for food is clear just from the menu alone as it isn't just the traditional food you find in a Greek restaurant this is what sets them apart from most restaurants in heraklion centre. 

Here at Koyzeinepi the specialties include my favourite (theo from harbourguides) the knuckle pork which is cooked in the wood over for 6-7 hours. The meat just falls from the bone and the crackling is just something to die for. There are many other special dishes available like chicken, pork and some of the most prime cut steaks to choose from. The starter menu is also great as there are many diverse dishes to choose from and get those taste buds going. 

There is also a selection of wines to choose from the house wine is very cheap but perfectly acceptable. 

House wine very cheap but perfectly acceptable This restaurant is very special food indeed but harbourguides insist " come with a healthy appetite ". Its is the ideal no fuss restaurant with a great atmosphere for both couples, friends and is very family friendly.

We look forward to your visit

Address: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Phone: 0030 69305 74115 - Map
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