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Juliet's Garden has come a long way over the last 24 years. Starting as a small tea garden in an idyllic spot, Juliet's has grown and firmly established itself as a popular and highly attractive restaurant, still boasting breathtaking views across the harbour, and indeed, most of the other islands.

Situated just above Porthloo Beach, 15 minutes from Hugh Town, (just below St. Mary's Golf Course), one of the islands' most loved establishments is enjoyed by day visitors, holiday makers and locals alike, many of whom come back time and time again. The restaurant has beautiful, terraced outside seating as well as a large and warm converted barn loft for the cooler days or evening dining. During the winter and spring of 2006, a major new development saw the opening of The Balcony Room.

The Balcony Room (completed Spring 2006) is a stunning addition to the traditional barn conversion that forms the body of Juliet's Garden. The Balcony Room can seat 20 people in bistro style comfort whilst offering panoramic views from all tables. The room can also be booked for private parties and exclusive dining.

Address: Juliet's Garden Restaurant, Seaways Flower Farm, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0NF

Phone: 01720 422228 Fax: 01720 423224 - Email - Website - Map
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30/08/2014 @ 6:20 am
Shaun and Donna Beverley
Great meal and and atmosphere. Highly recommended.
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