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Hands on kinesiology
With qualifications in Applied Kinesiology, Sports Massage Therapy and Personal Fitness Training, Michael has 12 years of professional experience in directly improving people's health and quality of life. Having worked with a vast range and a large number of clients within these specialist fields, he has developed an innovative and complete life and body plan. This plan can essentially be applied to any health issues, across a wide spectrum.

WHAT IS APPLIED KINESIOLOGY? Applied Kinesiology (pronounced: Kin-easy-ology) is the practice of using manual muscle-strength testing to identify imbalances within the body. The functional status of a person's organs and internal systems can thus be determined in a completely non-invasive way and a medical diagnosis can be made using the feedback received through muscle testing.

In everyday life, we are constantly exposed to toxins. Whether they are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the toiletries we use, our continued exposure to them puts our bodies under constant stress. Using Applied Kinesiology, Michael is able to realign your body back into a state of natural equilibrium. In other words, your body is allowed to once again work with (complement) you, as opposed to against (antagonise) you.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Michael does not claim to perform 'miracle cures'. It is through his extensive experience and training that he is able to interpret each individual human body's “dis-ease” at a cellular level, using muscle testing. Nutritional supplementation is initially prescribed to help relieve your body's organs of stress. The exact type of nutrient and concentrations required are completely unique to each individual. By providing the correct nourishment, deficiencies are removed and your body begins to detoxify itself. You are then provided with a personalised and unique individual nutritional guideline, which must be adhered to. It is important to note that Michael insists on 100% compliance with his advice, to be maintained in the time frame given, in order for you to succeed in regaining optimal health.

SESSION 1 Focuses on: - Identifying, mapping out and correcting health issues affecting your body within your muscles, organs, glands, cells and chromosomes
- Aligning the spine, cranium, pelvis and TMJ (Jaw)
- Balancing your nervous system and endocrine (hormonal) system
- Eliminating any Bacterial/ Viral/ Parasitic Infections
- Food testing: Balancing to food intolerances (e.g. sugar) and allergies
- Correcting blood pressure and lung function
- Balancing the body's meridian lines and energy fields
- Balancing any emotional imbalances

Using SPORTS MASSAGE Michael will further enhance your new found muscle strength and movement. By releasing points of tension or tightness over your body, allowing you to maintain good posture.

Address: Hands on kinesiology, 1 Thavies Inn, Chancery Lane, Central London, EC4 A1AN

Phone: 07790 531915 - Website - Mobile: 07790 531915 - Map
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