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In Greek mythology, Aeolus is the God of Wind, lived in the floating island of Eolia with his six sons and six daughters. Zeus had given him the power to control the winds, Aeolus had them chained in a deep cave, where he ruled with absolute control, taking or releasing them at will, and that all winds released may cause serious disasters in the sky, land and waters. Aeolus was responsible for the control of the storms, and the gods, asking their help in some cases as did Hera to prevent Aeneas landed in Troy. It also helped that he was visited by Odysseus returning to Ithaca. Eolo treated him very well, and gave a favorable wind, and a bag containing all the winds and should be used with care. However, the crew of Odysseus, believed that the bag contained gold, opened it, causing severe storms. The ship ended up snapping off the coast of Eolia, but God refused to help again. Eolo is depicted holding a scepter as a symbol of his authority, and surrounded by turbulent eddies, winds, each of which was a god.

Address: EOLO BAR, Club Náutico Santa Ponsa, Vía de la Cruz s/n · 07180

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