Castle Quay Pharmacy

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Castle Quay Pharmacy
We dispense health service and private prescriptions from any Jersey registered doctor or consultant together with prescriptions issued by Jersey dentists. We will also dispense hospital and veterinary prescriptions although since these are not covered by the Jersey health service these will be chargeable. A non- Jersey prescription can also be dispensed but only if it has been counter signed by a local doctor and this too would be treated as a chargeable prescription to cover the cost of the drugs.
We also run a private travel and vaccination clinic offering travel and wellness vaccinations, antimalarials, altitude sickness prevention and much more! View a 360 tour

Address: Castle Quay Pharmacy, Le Capelain House, Rue de Letau, St.Helier, Jersey, JE2 3EH

Phone: 01534 833855 - Email - Website - Map
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25/01/2024 @ 2:10 pm
Castle Quay Pharmacy
We needed a chemist on our last visit to Jersey and it was nice to see that you showcase this service on your guide. We got the directions from the advert and it was a nice touch that we could see the size of the chemist from the photos.
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