Braye Harbour

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Braye Harbour is Alderney's main transportation link for goods arriving on the island, and hosts a customs station for visitors arriving on the island.
There are 70 yellow visitors' mooring buoys, and it is possible to raft up on these in good weather. Mooring fees are 20 per day and 5 per day for anchorage. All other mooring buoys are private, and should not be used without permission from the Harbour Master. The anchorage in the middle of the bay has good holding ground in sand, but there are areas of rock and weed. Towards the entrance of the harbour, the bottom is generally more rocky.
Because of the tidal range at Springs (up to 6.9m), a good scope of anchor line should be used, especially if anchoring in shoal areas. It is not permitted to anchor in the Fairway or close to Braye Jetty, or to tie up to Braye Jetty

Address: Braye Harbour, SW end of Harbour, Near entrance to Little Crabby Harbour

Phone: 01481 822620 Fax: 01481 820070 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (2)
12/04/2022 @ 8:45 pm
Nige Jackson
Great Little harbour/ marina. Great friendly and knowledgeable mariners that are very helpful. Don't be put off visiting Braye Harbour by any negative Ill informed advice. It's easy to navigate as long as you check the pilotage. And well worth it
27/12/2019 @ 10:14 am
Kieren Shepherd and Crew
We had no problems mooring up here, we were a little nervous because of hearsay from others that hadn't even been before. Follow the pilot notes and choose the right weather and tidal conditions and it's easy. And well worth the journey.
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