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For visitors new to the Harbour we recommend a look at the Navigation Section, where you'll find a pictorial guide to safe pilotage in the Harbour that can be printed off for use on board. There is also a video guide of the entrance channel and an electronic Navionics chart.
The Harbour is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and nearby Brading Marshes are home to the first RSPB site on the Island. There are many picturesque walks in and around the area, historic sites to visit, beautiful beaches to enjoy and a busy Harbour where there's always something to watch.

Address: The Harbour Office, The Duver, St Helens I O W, PO33 1YB

Phone: 01983 872 828 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (2)
05/10/2017 @ 12:01 pm
Jason and Jill
We too have visited Bembridge Harbour many times on our visits to IOW. Each time we have received fantastic service. I think the experience that Mark had was a one off. I wouldnt be put off visiting here as I as I said, we have never had a problem.
31/05/2016 @ 11:57 am
Visited Bembridge Harbour over the bank holiday weekend. Will not be rushing back, marina staff want your money then want you gone.
We picked up a buoy in the harbour late afternoon and after 4 hours (by which time the tide had gone out enough to stop us leaving the harbour), during which time the ferry / harbour master passed us many times; the harbour master / ferry approached and told we had to move to the marina and were not allowed to stay on the buoy. We went as directed and rafted up at the far end next to a yacht that was departing at 0500 the next day. The berth was shallow and I calculated we would just sit in the mud (1.5m at low water not the advertised 2m dredged below cd). The following day (after my early morning move) I went to pay for my enforced night in the marina. The lady in the office wanted to charge me over 40 for a 30ft yacht saying the far end was "Premier Marina". I refused to pay that rate as I was rafted up not on a finger pontoon, had laid on the mud overnight and had to get up early to let the inboard yacht out. I ended up paying the rate advertised on the website 3.10 per meter!
Due to the tide we decided to depart at 1700 that evening (you can only depart a few hours either side of HW). At 1615 whilst I was preparing to depart one of the staff came down the marina and asked my plans (the first contact with marina staff during our stay). I said I was leaving at 1700, to which he replied I needed to leave now or I would have yachts raft outboard of me! I said I could pick up a buoy and finish preping for sea or it would be 1700 before I was ready to leave. He replied that they had no juristiction on the buoys (which contradicted what they told me the night before) and that yachts were waiting to come alongside.
I noted that the panic management of berths applied to others, the motor boat opposite was given the same amount of notice to leave as myself.
bembridge - ruined.
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