Asia Japanese

Asia Japanese
Asia Japanese Restaurant bring the most popular Japanese cuisine to the UK, the Shabu Shabu uses a north to cook ingredients and is one of several very good reasons to travel down to Asia Japanese, which opened its door in south sea in the autumn.
Each table in this delightful restaurant has a Shabu Shabu heater in front of each setting.Or you can sit in the back of the prettily decorated space with its green stained bamboo texture wallpaper at the revolving Sushi Bar.
One other table in the middle, is solely for the Teppanyaki, where beef, fish, chicken, steak and other ingredients are cooked for you by a chef on an iron griddle at the table.
The menu is an extensive one including vegetable, shrimp, soft shell crab tempura, cold snacks( baby seaweed miso style, honey wasabi squid), salad (sashimi, teriyaki chicken), sashimi(surf clam, sea urchin, hirame fish), skewers(roast pork, scallop, sirloin beef)and more.

Address: Asia Japanese, 42 Osbourne Road, Portsmouth, PO5 3LT

Phone: 02392 422 309 Fax: 02392 421 724 - Website - Map
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