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Agalma Restaurant
Welcome you are at Agalma. A family owned traditional Greek restaurant since 2002. You can find Agalma in Rhodes new town, a hundred metres to your left from the Windy traffic circle on the coast road goin out from Rhodes town.
At Agalma you can taste original Greek and international cuisine cooked to a high standard With the finest and freshest ingredients locally sourced. To start you can choose from Our traditional Greek meze plate to a selection of our starter dishes. And to follow maybe the best mixed grill plate in Rhodes. We also have an extensive array of mains from Fillet steak, seafood and pasta dishes. We provide a selection of daily cooked potatoes To cater all tastes.
And to finish your meal in style we our famous strawberry margaritas made from real Strawberries, or a tasty cocktail. Or just a simple Irish coffee.
Open from April 1st to October 31st.
Thankyou and we await your visit. Please see our Facebook link for more photos.

Address: Agalma Restaurant, Iroon Politechniou 14, 85100 Rhodes

Phone: 22410 77043 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (2)
21/04/2014 @ 8:44 pm
Janet James
Every visitor to the spectacular Island of Rhodes, has a notion that a trully glorious memory of their holidays, would have to include the Wonderland that is the Genuine Authentic Greek Culinary Experience and Dinig Hospitality. After becoming increasingly bored with the usual 'Tourist Norm' (which is perfectly fine in itself). I found myself wondering into the 'Ultimate Greek Food Heaven', that is AGALMA RESTAURANT. Under the attentive wing of the delightful, charming and extremely talented CHEF-GEORGE, and his lovely local staff. I was escorted through the most exquisitely crafted journey of flavours. Capturing completely, the Trully Authentic Atmosphere, Delights, Tastes, Traditions, Hospitality, and Culinary Skills, that only a trully GENUINELY AUTHENTIC GREEK FEASTING VENUE could aspire to. Even though the menu also carried many other finely and expertly crafted International dishes too. Being situated, just metres, from Bar Street. THE AGALMA RESTAURANT is the perfect 'starting point' to fortify oneself with a trully inexspensive, veritable FEAST OF TRADITIONAL GREEK OR INTERNATIONAL FARE, before tackling those Famous Bars. Bars which, on the way to, you may feel inclined to drop in on a little 'Gem' of a place called THE WALL (almost next door to the wonderful George and his amazing AGALMA RESTAURANT). THE WALL is hosted by the Irrepressible TOM. A man with the biggest smile and most infectious laugh. Once, so Superbly Authentically Dined at AGALMA RESTAURANT, and then welcomed into THE PARTY at THE WALL- Any visitor to this corner,just 50m off Bar Street, would be almost loathed to even want to bother to 'do' the rest of Bar Street, on the same night... I promise you!
21/04/2014 @ 7:22 pm
Janet James
The notion is, that glorious memories, and spectacular holidaying on Rhodes, in part, comes from the exquisite authentic flavours experienced from, the ultimate of FINEST GREEK CUISINE. Those delicious, incredible local dishes, from the STUNNINGLY TRADITIONAL and fused, to skillful Greek Twists on International Dishes. Is what every, magic memory seeking, palate craves. Having struggled to avoid the 'Tourist Norm'.(Which is perfect for Moderately Adventurous palates) And to indulge the wonderment, and exquisite pleasure, of TRUE GREEK DINING.. I Finaly Found AGALMA RESTAURANT. A little feasting sanctuary, where staff and atmosphere trully capture the taste pleasures, delights, and quality of genuine AUTHENTIC GREECE. The Magical Culinary Greek Wonderland that is AGALMA RESTAURANT, provides an unquestionable GREEK AUTHENTICITY, while remaining amazingly priced for such incredible quality of dining. AGALMA RESTAURANT trully embodies the meaning of The Ultimate In Greek Food and Hospitality. All, under the friendly wing of the delightful, charming and talented CHEF-GEORGE, and lovely staff. Situated just off Bar Street, AGALMA RESTAURANT is the perfect venue for a superbly AUTHENTIC GREEK FEAST, in fortification, before hitting those Famous Bars.. Of which, I would also RECCOMEND the Little ''Treasure Of Pleasure''. That is the 'Gem of a bar' called THE WALL. Almost next door to AGALMA. Hosted by the Entertaining, and cuddly TOM. The perfect venue to settle all that glorious food, served at AGALMA RESTAURANT. Once arrived at THE WALL, and starting to party with the Dynamic TOM, and his giant smile and infectious personality. You will struggle to want, to continue, to other bars. Don't underestimate ''THE MAGIC!!-JUST OFF BAR STREET''. If you make this turning of 50 metres (right of the Garage, by the Statue). To visit TOM at THE WALL, and The Talented GEORGE at AGALMA RESTAURANT. You trully, can say, you actually met and experienced THE REAL RHODES.
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