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Summer of 2014

ImageSummer of 2014
Well it’s great to see we are having a hot summer here in the UK. Could this be another summer like 1976? Time will tell, but the signs are pretty positive. When the sun shines in Blighty, everyone seems to be in a better mood. Even the disappointment of our football results in the World Cup don’t seem to deter us, nor did Andy Murray’s early departure from Wimbledon faze us. The good feel factor sunshine seems to spread amongst us is pure magic.

Harbourguides have been up in Scotland, updating and creating new guides to these fabulous sailing grounds. We would like to say a massive thanks to the residents and business owners of this gem of a country for making our reps feel so welcome. A special thank you to the people on the Isle of Bute, who have really got behind our rep and helped to make a really useful guide to this island. If you haven’t visited this little isle yet, we suggest you do at some time, it really is worth it.

Business wise Harbourguides are ahead of schedule again. And once again we will plough our profits back into the business, to improve the website and keep us ahead of our rivals. We certainly won’t be resting on our laurels. We are also visiting Spain more often now, spending time on the Harbourguides yacht “knight Song” as we get a foothold on our European guide. We have also been discussing compiling one off guides to different countries to test the water, Canada, Australia and America are just a few that have been suggested.

So what next? Well later on in the year we will be introducing some new features to our site, discussions are now taking place with our fabulous web developers “Devto”. And there are some great ideas being passed around, that should really enhance the experience of our visitors, and in turn direct even more business to our advertisers. We will go into more detail later in the year.

As always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fabulous advertisers and sponsors, who without, none of this would be possible. Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to Harbourguides over the past 14 years, yes 14years! We have come safely through the worst recession in history, pretty much unscathed, due to the type of people and our loyal advertisers, Thanks so much.

But for now, let’s hope the good weather continues, and the sun spreads its magic on us all for some time yet. And let’s hope this summer of 2014 eclipses that great summer of 76. And finally Harbourguides hope you all have the best summer of your lives. Enjoy it to the max, we certainly will.
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