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ImageHarbourguides Crew are proud to announce the launch of our Sailing Chat forum. Its brand new and obviously in need of subscribers to make it the success that we know it can be.

We are just finding our feet at the moment but hopefully soon the forum will be a hub for sailing and travelling enthusiasts alike that can meet up online.(or offline if they wish)

Our aim is to make the forum the first port of call for general chat and information on all things to do with sailing and travelling. As we mature we will cover certain areas of topic in great detail.

Harbourguides Operations Director Steve Mallinson said:

'Social networking has a huge influence on many peoples lives, some good and some bad. There are many excellent forums out there that help people in all sorts of ways, its going to take time but we feel confident that due to the visitors we receive on our website (harbourguides.com) our forum will attract the right of type of clientèle. We just want to encourage people to register and join in, and as always we welcome any criticism or advice in order to get it right. The definition of a forum is a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged, lets make ours the best medium out there.'

As is the norm with Harbourguides policies we will not be having any lavish launch or gimmicky promotions, we will be relying on the strength of the site itself to attract the subscribers. Company director Mick Jackson commented:

' We are not going to influence the type of subscribers, and are looking forward to the forum maturing and watch some of the characters evolve. We are deliberately taking a back step at the moment to see what happens, but there will come a time that we will be putting our full weight behind it, as we are all determined to make this the best sailing forum out there. We have a time schedule to achieve this, so as they say watch this space.'

So if you are already involved in sailing, or would like to be, or a keen traveller, or would just like to have your say or get advice, we would love you to join in Harbourguides new venture. As explained before, this is our first steps in this direction, but all the crew feel confident that this is going to be big in the future.

So if you want to join in and have your say Head over to the Sailing Forum to subscribe.
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13/12/2012 @ 6:53 pm
HG Crew
Its started Billie Wilson..register, and have your say!!
24/11/2012 @ 7:59 pm
Billie Wilson
it sounds like its going to be truly useful and immense fun too!
When does it start Harbourguides Crew Dudes?
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