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ImageApril already! would you believe it?. One quarter of the year gone so soon, and as the Harbourguides crew were assessing the achievements so far this year, we received our quarterly newsletter from our excellent web developers Devto, it read:

'So, a quarter of the year gone; have you achieved a quarter of what you intended to do with your year? Spring has technically just begun, and the clocks go forward this weekend, so for many, that's when the year starts for real. So if you haven't achieved a quarter of your targets yet, don't worry. The days are getting longer so there's more time to fit everything in. And if you are on track, you've got more time to enjoy yourself after work. We're all onto a winner!'

As we read this we came to the conclusion that we have not yet achieved a quarter of our targets this year, and decided we needed to up our game, however Devto concluded with a brief assessment of Harbourguides, and this went as so:

Lucky 13 For Harbourguides

'Many people don't want anything to do with the unlucky number 13, but our friends at Harbour Guides couldn't be happier to be associated with that figure, as that's the number of hugely successful years that they've been providing a vital and popular service online. They've located a successful niche as one of the leading guides to marinas across the continent, but they're not dropping anchor and docking for an easy life.'

'They continue to innovate, and we've now helped them to make the site more mobile friendly than ever before, with the mobile version of the site automatically giving visitors prioritised business listings based on their current location at the time of their search. Give it a try each time you move about near the coast and see what it suggests for a good trip to the seaside!'

After reading this, we all had to agree that we had brought Harbourguides such a long way since it was launched all those years ago. We have seen off many competitors, navigated safely through one of the worst recessions in recent history, and are now in great shape to make further improvements this year.

As always we like to thank everyone involved with Harbourguides for contributing to its success, but most of all we want to thank our fantastic advertisers and sponsors, who without, none of this would be possible.

We would also like to mention the sad passing of Stephen Mallinson Snr, on 26/02 2014, we will not attempt to put into words the greatness of this man, those who knew him already know, and those who haven't have missed out, but he was very proud of the achievements of Harbourguides under the leadership of his son.
Steve Snr and his wife Sheila, will never be forgotten by any Harbourguides Crew member.

But on a brighter note,yes, a quarter of the year has already been and gone, but there is still three quarters yet to come and who knows what's out there for us? but letís get out there, make the most of every day, and most of all enjoy. On behalf of Steve and Sheila,we certainly will.
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