ImageHarbourguides skipper Steve Mallinson was the only ever present crew member when we sailed Harbourguides yacht “Knight Song” from Preston North West England to Barcelona. Steve’s sister Debbie has penned a poem that pretty much sums up the journey and we think it merits publishing on Harbourguides. We have included the opening letter that she wrote to Steve when he returned from Barcelona. Hope you enjoy.

To Mally my Brother :

I tried to follow your voyage to Barcelona with limited knowledge of your journey; however from the snippets of information I was given, I have written a poem which, I sort of thought was in my way of charting a journey which must be packed with memories for you. With love from Debbie xxx well done and congratulations!
All of those months of planning and hard work, came to fruition
The day that you set sail on Knight Song’s next expedition
Sailing the seas that were not always kind or calm
Knight Song got you through and delivered no harm
You will have many tales to tell, as all good mariners do
As will Chloe and all the other members of your crew
From England to Ireland and across the Bay of Biscay
Catching prime tuna which became dish of the day
Then seeing lights on land in the distance during the night
It must have been exhilarating to witness that site
Next with dolphins leaping alongside you as if to guide your way
You landed in Portugal and had a most enjoyable stay
Then set sail again to Lisbon your next main port of call
With more dolphins beside you, am I jealous? Not at all!
Actually I am so that is a rather big fat lie
However, such envy won’t leave me no matter how hard I try
Then set off for Gibraltar, famous for the Barbary ape
For whom many a tourist has made a rapid escape
Up anchors and set sail towards Allmerica and Spain’s South coast
And during that journey, I admit that I envy you the most
For you had whales alongside you, a huge bog pod
When I looked at the pictures, all I could say was, “Oh my God”
Flying fish, something most people only witness on TV
Yet, sharks, I can do without, they scare the life out of me
In Denia you were reprimanded for jumping fully clothed into a pool
For such action to be taken, you must have broken a Spanish rule
So head off to Barcelona and stop off at Stiges on the way
A place to wear red shorts, be happy, merry and gay
And finally Barcelona, a most vibrant beautiful place
I bet you arrived there with a huge smile on your face
With good friends to greet you, you must have felt overwhelmed
For them to hail you, and give you praiseTo “Mally” their friend
I’m so proud of you Mally, one of your dreams have come true
And proud of Chloe and every member of your crew
It can’t have been easy, such a long and tiring haul
But I bet you are now thinking “I DID IT AND WE ALL HAD A BALL!!
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27/10/2012 @ 5:09 am
Denry Carter
Sounds like one helluva trip! Well done you guys, on the voyage and well done to the author of the poem.
06/10/2012 @ 9:29 pm
Steve Mally
Cheers Debbie xx
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