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GEEZER BANDIT BANK ROBBER Wednesday April 28th, 2010

With the world population becoming increasingly older it was inevitable that it was going to happen. California is in the grip of a septuagenarian crime-wave as Police launch a state-wide manhunt for an elderly bank robber nicknamed ‘Geezer Bandit’. The pensioner has robbed seven banks in eight months; most recently the California Bank and Trust teller in Vista.

According to FBI reports the grey haired bank robber waited patiently in line until he reached the cashier. He then pulled out a handgun and handed over a note demanding cash. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash before calmly exiting the bank.

Described as being around 5ft 10ins tall, about 70 years old, wearing prescription spectacles and a baseball cap, law enforcement officials are appealing to the public for information. Three banks in San Diego are offering a collective reward of over £10,400 for the ‘Geezer Bandit’s’ arrest.

One really has to wonder what he’s doing with all the cash.
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